Luxury Gifts For Women

When shopping for the holidays this year, a popular trend is giving luxury gifts for women.  Think outside the box this season and give a gift that is going to knock her socks off!  As a gift recipient it is always fun to receive a gift that is unusual and thoughtful.  Now that my Chelsea is older (25), I wanted to branch out and give her something that would be really memorable for her.  I wanted to acknowledge that she is a grown woman and she is beyond the days of Hello Kitty or Barbie dolls.  I found some great suggestions for a more sophisticated and luxurious alternative to gifts for a younger girl.

Luxury Gifts For Women

Cashmere:  Be it a scarf or a wrap, cashmere is always a lovely gift for any woman.  This is one of those pieces in a woman’s closet that will stand the test of time and be as fashionable 10 years from now as it is today.

Leather: Luggage is hot this season and this is such a useful gift that is also elegant.  If the woman in your life is a busy career professional, a leather briefcase or satchel is a very good choice.  Other good option would be a beautiful leather wallet or journal.

Artic Fox Throw

Art or Collectibles: If your best girl has a favorite artist or collects a particular item, adding to her collection will make her smile from ear to ear.  About 30 years ago I got my mom a framed print of her favorite artist and she still has it hanging in the living room and claims it was one of her all-time favorite gifts.

Faux Fur: Now that real fur is a thing of the past, faux fur is very in this season.  From household goods to apparel and accessories, as long as it is faux, it is fine.  If you have not seen any faux fur products yet, you should check them out.  They feel as good, if not better than the real thing.  What a relief to enjoy fur without the guilt!  If you are interested in giving the gift of faux fur, I cannot think of a better place than Posh Pelts.  Renee Berge, the owner, is one of the sweetest and professional business owners I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Luxury Gifts For Women

Beautiful Faux Fur Throws

Posh Pelts is a place you can find the most beautiful faux fur throws in the industry.  Renee offers several “species” of faux fur throws as well as pillows.  I was so excited to review a throw from Posh Pelts because I knew if they were half as soft in person as they looked online, I was in for a treat.  When the package arrived, I was stunned at how stunning, plush and lavish the throw feels.  Renee sent me the Artic Fox throw ($199.00) which was a perfect match for my décor in the family room.  I knew the throw from Posh Pelts was a hit when Henry would not leave it alone.  People with autism are typically tactile people, so they are very into how things feel.  Henry has been wrapped up in this throw since the day it arrived, so I think it is safe to say it belongs to him now!  The throw is really large (55×65) and it is so thick and has a good weight to it.  One side of the throw is an excellent copy of the artic fox fur and the opposite side is a really soft and silky white faux fur which is beyond description.  Renee also has pillow covers that are the same exquisitely indulgent softness as the throws.  No matter what you purchase from Renee at Posh Pelts, you are going to be so happy that you did.


  1. I like the Arctic Fox faux fur throw the best then the cougar. They are all so gorgeous! I want them all 🙂

  2. The plush Black Bear faux fur throw blanket is one of the most distinctive throw blankets available on the market today, and is also exclusive to the Posh Pelts label. Light cast on the throw creates a luster that will lure you to burrow your fingers into the silky thick faux fur. The fine black fibers vary in length to add dimension to the look of this uncommon item; fibers can be up to 1 ¼” in length, and are densely woven to increase warmth.

    An elegant dark-burgundy backing material broadcasts ‘glamour’. The velvet-velour lining looks similar to ‘cow-hide’ but feels like velvet; the bi-directional knap creates a subtle pattern that is enchanting. This is a ‘weighted’ faux fur throw blanket that is not bulky but provides a comfortable feeling of substance. Size is 45″ by an extra long 65″.
    Faux Fur Pillow Covers that will complement the Black Bear faux fur throw blanket: Arctic Fox and the Lynx.

  3. Double Sided Chinchilla Throw – Frosted Spice Rum Color (reminds me of a more luxurious version of mink blankets that my husband had gotten when he was in the military–these were also NOT REAL fur).

  4. Black Bear faux fur throw blanket …love these. my dogs will just love these blankets…..i havea similar one now and they love to lie on it

  5. I like the double sided chinchilla (sorry if this is a duplicate–I can’t seem to get my comment to stick!).

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