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Affordable Portable Scanner from Doxie Go

Scan Documents and Pictures Anywhere

Having the Doxie Go portable scanner will make life so much easier for my husband and I!  There are some many times that I wish I had access to a copy machine or scanner but its impossible to carry one around with you at all times!  I have often resorted to trying to take a picture with my iPhone or write down as much information as I can from something before I run out of time.  These solutions always end in an epic fail on my part.  The Doxie Go portable scanner will make my life easier and finally make it possible to scan documents and pictures anywhere!

Affordable Portable Scanner

Doxie Go is an affordable portable scanner that is so user friendly and easy to use!  The Doxie Go scanner arrived nicely packaged with directions as well as a USB cable and handy carrying case.  It was extremely easy to set up for the first time.  I simply downloaded and installed the Doxie app, connected the Doxie to my computer with the included USB cable and calibrated the Doxie before my first use!  One of my favorite things about the Doxie Go portable scanner is that you don’t need to have a computer with you to scan documents.  The Doxie has a built in battery so you can scan now and download to your computer later!  The Doxie will hold approximately 600 pages or 2400 photos!  You can also chose to download scans to a SD card or USB flash drive if you prefer. You can chose the quality of the scan depending on the quality of the copy that you need and the Doxie automatically scans all the documents in color.  To start, simply press and hold and power button until the power light blinks.  Once the power light stops blinking, you can begin scanning.  Insert document or photo facing up using the paper guide to ensure that your documents are feeding in straight. A full sized color document can scan in only 8 seconds!  When your items are scanned, press and hold the power button until the Doxie shuts down.  The Doxie comes with a scanning sleeve which is helpful when scanning old or glossy photos.

Portable Scanner Software

The Doxie Go comes with a website where you can download the portable scanner software.  This software helps you to organize, save and share your scanned documents and photos.  It is recommended that you use only this software with the Doxie Go for best results.  When plugged in to your computer, the Doxie Go will sync to your computer, much like a digital camera would.  You can save your scans in PDF, PNG and JPEG on your computer and even “staple” documents together to create multi-page PDF files.  You can easily send your documents to any application on your computer, such as Evernote, Acrobat, iPhoto or Photoshop, with one click.  The Doxie Go comes with a protective carrying case but still must be carefully handled.  If needed, the Doxie Go scanner’s exterior can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.  The Doxie Go is the perfect portable solution for scanning documents and photos on the go.  My husband often does off site interviews and it is necessary for him to gather paperwork for new hires.  He often has to request people to bring additional copies to the interviews but now he can simply bring the Doxie Go scanner with him and scan the items he needs.  The rechargeable battery will keep him scanning through all his interviews!  This is a must have for every business as well as every household that often shares documents and photos!  The Doxie Go portable scanner retails for $199.  Follow Doxie Go on Twitter for the latest product information.  You can even access Doxie Go on Twitter for customer support for your portable scanner!

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