affordable travel productsI am getting ready to go on a trip to Las Vegas for CES. I always fret about what to bring and how I am going to save room in my suitcases to be able to pack more for less. I came across the Travel Products Blog and was thrilled to find a variety of items that would be able to help me on my quest. I have been on a diet as everyone who reads my blog knows, so of course the luggage scale caught my eye. I always tend to over eat and like to keep an eye on my weight. Then, I noticed the word luggage. LOL! That would be pretty funny me trying to weigh myself on a hook. I have lost some weight, but that is ridiculous!  I figured out it was for my luggage, and that seemed pretty cool too! The last time I traveled when I went to BlogHer, I had to ship home swag because I was not sure if it would weigh right for the airlines. I think I ended up paying more shipping home than if I just would have known what my suitcase weighed.

Affordable Travel Products

While I did not have much use for electric converters, I did select a iPhone icover 3 in one Charger Kit for an iPhone/iPod. This I purchased for my son. He is traveling often too and from college so he is always in the need for Mom to buy him affordable travel products. I also purchased a pill organizer. With my weight loss adventures, I am taking metabolism pills twice a day, and then some at night. Organization is a must not to mention the room I will save instead of carrying three bottles! The third item I purchase was disposable undies! Fun right! I just wanted to buy them so I could see what they were, but I was impressed. They are like regualr underwear, just a little thinner, and rolled up really tight to save space. Since I will be gone for 5 days, and I have a 5 pack, I get to save more room on the way home!


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