All Natural Beauty Products With Beeswax

After the birth of my 3rd child, I was faced with issues that I had not experienced with my other 2 babies. Henry had a lot of issues with nutrition as well as with his respiratory tract. At the age of 6 months, our pediatrician suggested we put Henry on a nebulizer to help with his breathing. Although it helped him breathe much better, I was not crazy about him having all the medication in his little body at such a young age. I was talking about this in our mommy group and one of the moms introduced me to the world of natural products.  I found that a lot of products we used in our home could be effecting Henry’s health, and that scared me. That is when I began using homemade cleaning products. We did not however switch to natural personal care products because at that time they were quite expensive. Fast forward more than 10 years ahead and we now have companies like Beecology who make those products affordable. Made with natural ingredients, including beeswax from their beekeeping business, the products from Beecology are perfect for my family.

All Natural Beauty Products With Beeswax

Amy and her husband David have 3 kids and they are a beekeeping family. Because Amy and David knew they did not want to make a million candles with their beeswax, they decided to put their efforts into beauty products. The Beecology product line includes skin and hair care products that after safe for the whole family to use.  From their large variety of all natural beauty products with beeswax, Amy sent me:

  1. Foaming Hand Soap:  in Peppermint , Lavender and Grapefruit and Lemongrass. What I love about these soaps is that your hands do not dry out, which can get painful if you wash as often as we do.
  2. Hand and Body Lotion: For those dry hands, my favorite is the Beecology lotion. It is paraben free and made with natural olive oil, honey, and Shea butter. I use it on hands as well as my heels because they get so dry in the summer .
  3. Lip Balm: The lip balms are simply amazing and I LOVE them. I get the worst dry and cracked lips because I lick my lips a lot. It is a habit I have had since I was a child and it can get quite painful. With the soothing beeswax and other natural ingredients like lemon and lavender in the Beecology lip balm, my lips are soft, supple and healthy.


Can you tell I love the products from Beecology?!  Another big reason I love this company is how they give back with charitable works. The charity website for Beecology is which was put in place to help with environmental and social causes.

Beecology gives back 10% of their net profits to In hopes of getting their customers involved in giving, you can visit the webstie and choose the charity they want their purchase percentage to go to. I think that is really amazing because many companies would not give their customers that option. You can purchase the Beecology products from their website as well as specialty stores nationwide.

One USA reader will win a variety of products from Beecology (ARV $48.93)


  1. My favorite product is the All Natural Grapefruit and Lemongrass Foaming Hand Soap.

  2. The Natural Honey and Botanical Sulfate-Free Shampoo sounds great! I’ve always had great results with sulfate-free shampoos.

  3. I love a good lip balm so I’d like to try the orange ginger, and the honey oatmeal peppermint soap sounds divine!! Their foaming liquid soap looks good too. I go through a lot of hand soap because I have an in home daycare and am constantly washing my hands! I like the fact that they are advertised as being non-drying.

  4. I’d love to try the Honey and Lavender bar soap. The hot chocolate swirl looks pretty scrumptious too!

  5. My favorite Beecology product is the Hot Chocolate Swirl Soap! A limited-edition soap, featuring cocoa and goat’s milk!

  6. I would say my favorite would be the Relaxing Lavender with a Touch of Bergamot Hand & Body Cream


  7. The foaming hand soap. I love the foaming soap for the kids and I bet that this scent is amazing!

  8. Excellent ingredients but it would be great if the creators would make a protein free shampoo! Some hair is protein sensitive!
    I would love to try the original hand and body cream!

  9. Everything looks great. I’d like to try the lip balms: Buzz Balm Peppermint Lip Balm and the 5 Pack Holiday Lip Balm Tin. Altho the lotions and stuff would be great too.

  10. I have naturally curly hair and I try to stay away from shampoos with too many chemicals so the Natural Honey and Botanical Sulfate-Free Shampoo sounds awesome!

  11. I would really love to try the grapefruit and lemongrass foaming hand soap. I try to be very careful with the hand soap I use, because regular hand soap destroys my hands 🙂

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