Top Tips For Pool Safety For Kids

When the summer weather with its warm sunshine and blue skies are here, people head for the water.  Another point to remember is there can be different safety rules depending on where you are swimming. You will see different safety rules posted at the local pool as you would at the beach. If you have a new swimmer in your group, it is always good to review the standards so everyone is kept safe and enjoys their time in the water. Here are some helpful tips that apply to swimming at your own as well as the local pool:

Community Pool:

  1. Is there a current pool inspection posted and visible?
  2. Are there pool safety rules posted and visible?
  3. Are there drain covers?
  4. Are the pumps running properly?
  5. Is there a life guard on duty at all times?
  6. Are there enough staff to cover all the guests at the pool?
  7. Do you know CPR or is there a staff member on duty who does?

Residential Pool:

  1. Always keep an eye on your children when they are in or near the pool
  2. Teach children basic water safety tips
  3. Keep your kids away from the  pool drains, pipes and other openings to avoid them getting stuck
  4. Have your cell phone close by at all times when you are at the pool
  5. If a child is missing, look for them in the pool first
  6. Is there a pool cover available when the pool is not in use?

Pool Safety For Kids

If you have a pool at your own home, you will need to have the correct equipment to keep everyone safe. Many of the rules that apply above, would also apply for your own pool. Many homeowners who have a pool will have additional equipment depending on the type pool they have. If you have an above ground pool, such as an Intex, there are laws in many states requiring a deck and a gate that locks. If you have an in ground pool, many will have a barrier put up so much younger children will not accidentally fall in the pool.

One thing you would need for either pool would be a sufficient pool cover. Not only does a pool cover keep debris out of your pool, but it can act as a barrier. You can find several high quality pool covers from All Safe Pool by following this link: You will find covers for safety, to keep out leaves and other matter as well as those that act as a safety barrier. You can choose from a cover you put on yourself or a cover that will cloak the pool with the touch of a button. No matter your budget or need, you can find what you are looking for at All safe Pool.