All Season Weather Protection

All Season Weather Protection

If you have kids in sports or a spouse who is a sports fan, you may need all season weather protection. I think the worst part of being outside, regardless of the weather, is being stuck in the elements with no cover. I know my husband uses his golf umbrella a lot (although I am not sure why he golfs in the rain) but I know it is cumbersome. It never fails when we go to the beach or the lake; I always forget to bring a hat for sun protection. Here is a question for the parents with kids in sports. Where exactly do you go when it starts raining right in the middle of the big game? Yeah, a small pavilion if you are lucky and that won’t cover the supports of both teams! On vacation I have seen the sand umbrellas you can rent but they aren’t 100% effective for sun protection. If there was a company who could roll all those needs into one big umbrella, that would be great.

Sport-Brella is the leader of innovative and practical solutions for all types of weather. The Sport-Brella line is made specifically for all season protection from the sun, wind and rain. Each product is light weight, durable and easy to transport. You can take it to your kid’s soccer game, the beach or camping. The 9’ wide Sport-Brella offers UV protection has stakes to keep it in place, has side flaps and wind vents and is assembled in 3 seconds. The materials are waterproof so you won’t get soaked at the games anymore and you don’t have to hide from the sun under a tree at the lake.
Weather Protection

Portable Outdoor Protection

With kids who play several sports, we needed portable outdoor protection. I actually wasn’t sure if there was such a thing before reading about the Sport-Brella company. We have had to sit through games in the rain and the hot sun (no, not on the same day!) without much shade or covering. The Sport-Brella XL (retailing at $79.99) is the most versatile piece of outdoor equipment we have now. We have taken it to ball games, the lake and even an outdoor birthday party that was at a local park. I wish you could have seen the looks from many of the parents when we put up our super cool XL weather barrier!

One reader will win an XL Sport-Brella in their choice of color (Valued at $79.99).

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