Alternatives To Using Paper
I was watching television and the documentary was on people who have found alternatives to using paper.  I must admit, although I am taking steps to lead a more green life, I am not quite ready to chain myself to a big redwood.  I decided to look for ways my family could save trees.  Until I saw the show, as far as saving a tree, I thought I was doing my part by switching to paperless billing on my phone bill!  It seems I can make a bit more of an impact by taking any or all of these suggestions:

Alternatives To Using Paper

  •  Grocery Bags: When you think about switching from plastic to bringing your own cloth bags, it is a really easy thing to do.  You can find these reusable bags just about anywhere and often times you can find them for less than $1.00.  If you keep these bags in your trunk, you will always have your cloth bags with you when you shop.
  • Note Pads: Another easy change you can make is to switch from using note pads or sticky notes and using a dry erase or chalkboard.  I found one at the Dollar store and it is large enough to satisfy my needs.  I have mounted mine to the back door so we see it whenever we leave the house.
  • Toilet Paper:  I am not suggesting you install a bidet or use cloths, but there are biodegradable options you can use rather than the standard toilet paper.  Also, if you were to cut back on the amount of paper used in one transaction, many of us use too much.  If you only cut back on 2-3 pieces, you could save up to a roll of toilet paper a month.
  • Paper Towels and Napkins:  My family uses a lot of paper towels and napkins. I am always grabbing for one or the other to clean up this or that.  It isn’t that I am wasting a bunch of money, but if we are thinking about saving trees, for me this is a great way to make a change.  I wasn’t aware of it, but you can buy paperless towels and napkins.  A company who is fast becoming the go to place for alternatives to traditional kitchen paper is Paperless Kitchen.  Unlike their competitors who carry a few green products, the entire lines of products from Paperless Kitchen are green.

Eco-friendly Kitchen Supplies

Eco-friendly Kitchen Supplies

For the past few months, I have been searching for eco-friendly kitchen supplies.    The website is very user friendly and they have a lot of great products.  When I was sent some of the product from Paperless Kitchen to review, I was excited!  I had not used any of the type of products they sent me, so I was anxious to see how they performed.  I received a roll of the Bambooee Perforated Bamboo Towels ($12.99), which comes with 20 sheets which is the equivalent to paper towels.  With the reusable nature of the product, you don’t use them and throw them away after one use.  The Skoy Cloths ($2.99 each), are amazing little washing cloth that can be used over and over again and it does not fall apart like other clothes on the market.  I also received a handful of the great scrubbers from Twist ($17.50).  All of the Twist products are made from 100% natural cellulose and other plant-based fibers.

One reader will win 10 of the Skoy Cloths from Paperless Kitchen ($29.99)

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  1. I would love to have the GoPaperlessKit. It looks like a great way to get started being paperless in the kitchen. 🙂


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