Miami’s art in Brazil may one day become commonplace but residents in the South American country are likely going to recognize a lot of the artists involved as their own. Brazilian art has been making a huge headway into the South Floridian art world, producing a big splash in doing so as well.

The Miami/Basel 2015 Art Exposition is already shaping up to be yet another blowout affair highlighting some of the newest and most provocative entries from Brazilian artists, which will be a unique affair since its the 10th anniversary of the art event already. So there will be plenty of draw for the decade event to begin with.

There is no question that the Brazilian influence in the art world is being noticed more and more. The country is home to more than half of all the art collectors in South America, and many of these collections involved are new with less than 15 years in existence. So the influence from the country for art demand is moving quickly and reshaping the art world tremendously, both in terms of new product as well as new demand.
The amazing street art (graffiti) of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Original images from Google Street View.

Art Basel Miami Beach (Courtesy Art Basel Miami Beach)
Back in Miami, Brazilian art is becoming so popular, some companies may have resorted to stealing it in their own marketing. For example, Romero Britto is suing Apple for using graphics that look an awful lot like what the artist typically produces in his own works. The court system will ultimately decide the truth, but clearly the style and look is enough for a mega-corporation to take the risk and use it to remain popular with its own products.

The Miami/Basel event is also a big change of affairs from the traditional top art events in the country, usually held in New York. Rather than dealing with the stuffy, traditional art shows so indicative of the North Atlantic, the Miami/Basel event is a wonderful departure from the conservative, taking off and promoting the warmth, liveliness and tropical feel that Miami already brings to the event naturally simply due to location amenities.

However, don’t fool yourself. The Miami/Basel show is not an easy one to plan for. Thousands normally show up every year to attend, and this year’s 10th anniversary is sure to double or triple the crowd sizes. That means both artists and support as well as vendors are going to find it extremely challenging to secure a location ahead of time for lodging and staging during the event’s calendar days. The key to finding such properties in an already crowded Miami is to work through a service that has both the neighborhood knowledge as well as the experience to broker promising deals and leases.

So if you want to get a piece of the art world action stateside and see the most promising Brazilian art making waves now, Miami is definitely the place to be this year. Granted, you can wait until Miami’s art in Brazil begins to appear in Rio de Janiero and similar, but that’s years and years away.

Instead, going to Miami puts you right in the heart of the new art development, and the city is already a natural gateway of South America to the rest of the world. The combinations of cultures makes this South Florida location ideal as a the central point for an art convergence as well as a starting point for new Brazilian art to be launched from. And securing properties strategically ahead of time for enjoying the 2015 Miami/Basel is doable now.