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I have always loved to cook and have enjoyed passing that on to my oldest daughter. When my husband and I decided I would stay home and raise our kids, we did not have it in the budget to go out to eat. We found early on that you could eat better on far less money if you just stayed home and made it yourself. From there, I started making all of our meals from scratch, including the kids baby food. I really enjoyed trying out new recipes and cooked some pretty tasty dishes! I also enjoyed baking and was usually the mom who brought baked goods to school events. The one thing I never got the hang of was how to make homemade bread successfully. Somehow I either got soggy or gooey bread or it ended up looking and tasting more like a hockey puck! Then I read about Average Joe Artisan Bread and their claim that they could teach anyone to make awesome homemade bread. So, who was I not to take them up on their challenge, right!
Simple Steps To Make Homemade Bread

Simple Steps To Making Homemade Bread

I am going to be honest and tell you that I had huge doubts I could make bread. Granted the folks over at Average Joe sounded pretty confident in their bread kits, but I was a bit skeptical that I would actually be making homemade bread! When you get your bread kit, you have everything you need to make 3 loaves of bread. But, there was a weird thing that was included in my package of supplies: a pot! Huh?! Ok, I decided to roll with it and see what happened! You get a laminated cheat sheet with all the steps, which I really loved. This is a two part process; day one you just mix the yeast, water, salt and flour, place it in a bowl and cover it for 18-24 hours. Once the dough has risen the fun begins!

Yummy Bread

After you sprinkle your counter top with flour, you get to take out your frustrations on that dough! Next you place your dough in the pot and I sprayed some olive oil on the dough. Once I scored the dough and sprinkled black salt (never used that before) on top, put the lid on and popped it in the oven. After 35 minutes, you take the cover off the pot and cook for an additional 25 minutes. My husband was hilarious while the bread was cooking! He came in the kitchen and asked me what the delicious yet foreign smell was that was coming from the oven. HA HA! People, can I tell you that I made bread today?! And, it was AWESOME! I cannot get over the fact that not only did I make bread, but it tasted great, was easy to make and it was easy to clean up! We all loved the bread so much that we are going to make homemade pizza with it next! This is such a clever idea and would make the perfect gift for a housewarming, a wedding or really, any occasion.  You can purchase the Cooks Edition like I received from the Average Joe website for $39.00. You can also purchase the gift edition which includes all the kitchen items you need for $99.00, refills are $15 and the bread pot for $29.00.

One USA reader will win one Cook’s Edition Artisan Bread Kit ($39.00)


  1. I would like to try making the Raisin Cinnamon loaf.. I’ve never seen this way of making bread before.

  2. The Bread pot is a sure winner. Never have seen this before. I want for my kitchen. The bread mixes look fabulous too.

  3. The whole thing is a great idea. Love the bread pot–takes the guess work out of worrying if the one you currently have is safe at whatever temperature.

  4. My favorite product is the Gift Edition Box. I think the price is pretty reasonable for everything that is included.

  5. I love the Gift Edition Box. This would make a great gift for someone wanting to learn how to make bread.

  6. I love the Gift Box Edition. This would be great for my niece who is getting married in the fall. The wedding is too far for us to attend so we will be sending a gift 🙂

  7. I like this Cook’s Edition Kit because it has just what is needed to make bread. I’d love to win this. Carbs are my friends 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. I like Gift Edition box because it has everything I need to make delicious bread! I do not have many kitchen tools so this will be perfect

  9. I’d love to try the Artisian Cinnamon Bread,it looks heavenly. I bet this bread tastes so good.Thanks 🙂

  10. I love the Gift Edition Box-it comes with everything you could ask for to make fantastic bread!!

  11. I would love to try the Cinnamon Raisin Crown from Average Joe Artisan Breads they sound great.

  12. I’d say my favorite would probably be the gift edition box – it comes with everything I’d need!

  13. I love the bread pot, especially the fact that it can be used for other purposes (definite + for those
    of us who live in apartments with very limited storage). I bake bread several times a month–I find the zen like motion of kneading very theraputic, and my co-workers get to enjoy the fruits of my labours.
    My favorite is a fall bread made with pumkin–a brioche bread with rum soaked raisins and toasted
    pecans–almost a dessert by itself and makes the most wicked bread puddings and french toast.

  14. Average Joe Bread Pot is my favorite product, I’ve never made bread this would and would love to try it!

  15. i really like the idea of the bread pot. i used to be really into sourdough baking and i always used a stone and steam. But i thought of getting a french over to play with. The pot would be less messy.

  16. I was going to skip right by this giveaway and then the Bread Pot caught my eye. What a brilliant way to create a crusty loaf of bread! I love it!

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