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Everyone enjoys a fun bedding set for their bedroom. Being that I am a young, twenty-something  I can always appreciate the next funky thing. Everything from jewelery, clothing, and home decor must be unique. Back in high school, I had somewhat of an obsession with animal print. Specifically, zebra print. I had everything from car accessories to clothing. My friends even had to step in for a zebra intervention. My passion died down after a while, but slowly started to make its way back into my life a few years later. Starting with my shower curtain in the bathroom and now for something to match in my bedroom. To my luck and surprise, I found  the perfect animal print bedding sets. I was in heaven. My boyfriend might not share the same excitement for my newest purchase. Mainly because if it were up to his design skills, we would sleep on the floor in a white apartment using plastic ware and paper plates. Minimalist at its best. In order to spruce up your bedroom like I have, try their fascinating line of  fun bedding sets. For a little extra fun for those brighter personalities out there, you might be interested in trying their neon pink and green patterns.


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