I have been on a perpetual diet for most of my adult life. Is that not absurd?! Life gets in the way when we try to diet and before we know it, we have kids, jobs, illnesses and a variety of other obstacles that keep us from our goal. To have those early days back when we could skip a meal and walk around the block a few times and drop unwanted pounds! We can tuck those memories away and focus on what we can do today, right? I have discovered that as I work towards losing weight with good old fashioned exercise and the right food plan, my body responds much better. In striving to have my weight loss efforts be as effective as possible, I was happy to try a product from Zaggora that was made to do just that!

Workout Clothes That Burn Calories

Before I had read about the clothing from Zaggora, my knowledge was limited about their unique products. For the past 10 years, the Zaggora Hot line of workout clothes that burn calories have been tested by a number of reputable universities. What the studies found was that the patent pending Celu-Lite technology with which the clothes are made, was effective with increasing the metabolic rate by more than 6-18% (depending on the test subjects fitness level) while the core body temperatures stayed at a safe level during exercise. I received the Above the Knee HotPants 2.0 Shorts ($72.00) and they are quite comfortable. They feel a bit like a wet suit, but they move well and I didn’t feel overly hot when I went on a walk with them on. As suggested, I brought water so that I stayed hydrated and I could feel a difference in my bottom, hips and thighs. The research on the clothing showed that when the subject wore the Zaggora Hot clothing for 30-60 minutes after the end of their workout, they continued to burn calories even while at rest. I haven’t had the time to put the pants to a lengthy test, but I truly feel confidant that the HotPants from Zaggora will be a well used addition to my weight loss routine. You can purchase the HotPants 2.0 for $72.00 online at Zaggora as well as their other bottoms and tops in their Hot clothing line.