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Our home is supposed to be our haven, right? After we have worked hard all day, we look forward to coming home and relaxing. Many of us spend a lot of time decorating our houses so they look beautiful and appealing.  So, what happens to the whole haven vibe when you have kids? My entire home is overrun with boys. They take over every single living space in the house including the end tables. Soon they become forts, or they are moved around for school desks.  I have done a lot of work on the boy’s room so they will want to not only sleep in there but play there as well.  Well, that is life with kids and we adjust our fantasy a little bit and get real. For me, my haven is filled with the noise of laughing and playing kids and that is fine by me! In order to put my stamp on our living space, I like to choose pieces that will work just for my needs. With the huge selection of products from Brylane Home, the choices are unlimited!

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Furniture With A Purpose

Brylane Home is where you can go for whatever you need for your home and outdoor decor. If you need furniture with a purpose, art for the walls, bedding for the dorm, kitchen gadgets or new bathroom towels, Brylane Home can help.  With the thousands of products on the Brylane Home website expect with prices that are quite affordable and are of the highest quality. These top notch products are backed up with an exceptional customer support team. If it is superior clothing you are looking for, with their many sister companies, they have you covered in other areas as well. You can shop for women’s clothing from Jessica London,, Woman Within, full beauty and Romans. For the big and tall man in your life, they offer King Size and for even more affordable prices, you can shop at Bargain Catalog Outlet. •

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I wanted a nice piece of furniture just for me. Brylane Home carries an extra-wide storage ottoman with a tray which would be just perfect for this purpose! This ottoman is stylish and functional, is comfortable, and has a padded lid for additional seating, supporting up to 400 pounds. I like to do projects while I watch TV to maximize my time.  I can flip the lid and use the black-finished wood tray to do my crafts and projects. Yes, I am always the multitasker, but it leaves quite a mess if I do not finish off what I started in one night. I love I can keep my crafts and projects tucked neatly away from the boys and their sticky hands. I just flip the lip back around and my supplies are ready for me to use the next time. I also love I can just wipe the ottoman clean with a damp rag if me or the boys happen to spill or drop something on it. You can purchase the ottoman from the Brylane Website for $149.99 and is currently on sale for $79.99. Be sure to keep up to date with the latest from Brylane Home on Facebook and Twitter.