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Attending Beauty School Is A Great Choice

My oldest daughter has always been extremely creative. Since a young age, Chelsea has loved to draw and paint as well as sing and dance. We had her in dance school when she was 5, she was taking singing lessons at 10 and was playing violin at about 8. When she graduated high school, we all knew it would be a natural progression to go to college. We were all so proud because she was such a bright and talented girl and we knew she had life by the tail. Chelsea settled on Graphic Design for her major and soared through the next 4 years. She completed college, put together a great portfolio, got her degree and went eagerly into the world to find the perfect job. After looking for several months, we kept encouraging her and suggested it may be the economy. After the economy picked up and she still had not found a job in her field, we were not sure what to tell her. After 2 years, we were not surprised when she announced she needed to return to school and get a degree in a field she could actually earn a living with.

Attending Beauty School Is A Great Choice

Chelsea came up to visit me and the family for Christmas and my birthday last year. My birthday gift from her was a certificate for a haircut from a trendy salon close to my home. While I was getting my hair cut, Chelsea and Lauren, the stylist struck up a conversation and really hit it off. It turned out that Chelsea and Lauren had a lot in common and had a great time talking. Lauren said Chelsea would be perfect as a hair stylist and colorist because she had the perfect look and attitude. For about 6 months after, we spoke often about her making a career change, and I told her attending beauty school is a great choice.

If you are thinking of attending beauty school NYC style, you may want to consider the Hair Design Institute. Located in Manhattan, this forward thinking school has a lot to offer a promising stylist. The courses offered are designed to prepare you for a successful career in the world of hairdressing and cosmetology. You will learn about skin care and make up, hair cutting and coloring, hair styling, salon management and so much more. The Hair Design also offers financial aid as well as job placement. If you are interested in learning the very latest in the trends and technology in the hairdressing and cosmetology fields, the Hair Design Institute is the perfect place to study.


  1. I’ve always been quite curious about beauty school too despite everything else I do. It’s so much fun and it’s no less than any other career.

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