My family loves to eat and cook, so we use our kitchen a lot.  We have a lot of fun when the whole family gets in there and cooks together, but we can get messy. I would love to blame the mess on the kids, but I am worse than they are! Another source of our messes comes from Henry and his difficulty eating from bowls. He has some coordination issues due to his autism that makes him very clumsy with using utensils and his dishes and bowls. If he eats anything from a bowl, he usually can’t get through the meal without spilling some of his dinner. Calibowl is a company who makes bowls with a special lip that helps keep the contents inside the bowl. When I was sent some of the Calibowl products, I was looking forward to testing them with Henry to see if they may work for him.

Avoid Messes With Non Spill Bowls

Jeff Bollengier, the founder of Calibowl, actually came up with his bowl design while surfing.  Jeff was eating chips and salsa on the beach and the salsa kept spilling over the side of the bowl. Jeff thought someone should design a bowl that would keep salsa from spilling out. The innovative lip design came to Jeff when he was watching a wave crest.  After showing his bowls at the LA Gift Show, Calibowl was put on Oprah’s list of favorite things after a producer from her show saw Jeff and his bowls at the gift show.  For Calibowl, their success has been cresting like the waves Jeff loves ever since.  I was sent two sets of bowls from Calibowl as well as one single suction bowl. I absolutely love Calibowl because they are super well made, look amazing and work like a dream. I use the 3 Ultimate Mixing Bowls (1)20 oz bowl, (1)40 oz bowl and (1)95 oz bowl) daily for a variety of uses including mixing batter for muffins or cakes and for breading chicken. The bowls have a non skid bottom and are made of a thick and chunky plastic that feels nice and solid in your hands and they wash up very easily.

Avoid Messes With Non Spill Bowls
The set of 4 20 oz bowls, which are made exactly like the mixing bowls, are perfect for cereal, which the kids eat a lot of. Henry did well with these bowls in part due to the Non-Spill Smart Lip Technology and the solidity and weight as well. Where many bowls will wobble back and forth when you dip your utensil in and lift it back out doesn’t happen with the Calibowl.  I am super happy with the results and Henry will only eat his food out of the 20 oz bowl or he will eat from the single suction bowl, which he loves sticking to the kitchen table! You can buy your Calibowl from their online store as well as from JC Penney and Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The Ultimate Mixing Bowls sell for $29.99, the set of (4) bowls sell for $19.99 and the Suction Bowl sells for $9.99.

One reader will win The Ultimate Mixing Bowl ($29.99) set in their choice of color, depending on availability


  1. The Ultimate Mixing Bowl set would be pretty awesome…OR, the Nested non-spill Bowl Set 🙂

  2. My favorite item is the CaliBowl Ultimate Mixing Bowl Set in blue. Thanks for having this contest!

  3. I love the calibowl nested non spill bowls they would come in so handy with my 3 year old running around 🙂

  4. It is a toss up on my favorite! They all look like such amazing products. I think the 20oz non-spill set wouold get the most use, thought the 12 oz would be great for snacks. The slasa bowl looks pretty great too, I am sure I would put it to good use, lol. Definitely need to order some of these.

  5. I have never heard of these. I think the bowls would have been great when the kids were little. I would like to try the mixing bowl.

  6. I think the Non-Spill Toddler Suction Bowl with a lid is a great idea for that little one who wants to feed themselves but get frustrated chasing the bowl.

  7. Ultimate Mixing Bowls are perfect. I have just gone back to baking from scratch and would love to own these bowls!

  8. I love the Cali Bowl set . Color doesn’t matter. I have almost no feeling in my hanss, this sounds like a life…and food saver for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. love the color of the CaliBowl Nested Non-Spill Bowl Set, the purple would certainly liven up my drab white kitchen!

  10. I really like what you are offering but if I had to choose another one I would pick the CaliBowl 20oz Non-Spill Bowl Set

  11. I love these CaliBowl 12oz Non-Spill Bowl Set and so want them for my daughters breakfast cereal.

  12. My favorite product has got to be the CaliBowl Ultimate Mixing Bowl Set ! i love mixing bowls!

  13. Really loving the CaliBowl 12oz Non-Spill Toddler Suction Bowl w/ Lid. Get idea for mom
    and kids on the bowl

  14. I like the colors the The Ultimate Mixing Bowls come in. My favorite is the turquoise blue one.

  15. I like both the CaliBowl 12oz Ultimate Salsa Bowl w/ Lid and the Ultimate Mixing Bowl set in BLUE!!!

  16. Right now, the one we could use the most is the CaliBowl 12oz Non-Spill Toddler Suction Bowl w/ Lid. With a toddler in residence, it will come in handy.

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