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Baby Bottle Preparation Made Easy From GreenCupboards Review

Baby Bottle Preparation Made Easy

If you are a caregiver of a child who is still on the bottle, I bet you may have an interest in baby bottle preparation made easy.  I remember when I was sent home with Henry, I was armed with several bottles of concentrated formula.  With 2 of my 3 babies, I was unable to breast feed.  Not only was this a disappointment, but it also meant no instant milk for every feeding!  I loved the concentrated formula because it was so much easier and less time consuming compared to using powdered formula.  Little did I know the concentrated was more expensive, so we ended up using powder only.  I didn’t want to make bottles ahead of time because there was so much press regarding using a microwave to warm a bottle.  This was 25 years ago, so we didn’t know as much about the safety of using microwaves as much as we do now.  I just wish there had been a better way to plan a little ahead for feeding times, especially if we were traveling.

GreenCupboards is an online store filled with eco-friendly products for your home and your family.  GreenCupboards is based out of Spokane, WA and was founded in 2008 by two graduates from Gonzaga University and their Adjunct Professor.  Josh Nesblett, Sarah Wollnick and Tom Simpson knew they wanted to provide consumers who were trying to save our planet a place they could shop and find everything they wanted.  They found several specialty stores that carried green products, but there was a considerable lack of options for a “one stop shopping” store online.  Fast forward to 2012 and GreenCupboards sells 15,000 products which are obtained from over 600 suppliers.  The goal of this company is to provide their 100,000+ customers with quality products that are affordable and are not harmful to the planet.  This fun and crazy like a fox group of folks have put buying green in the hands of every consumer who is looking to make a difference in how they shop and for what they are shopping for.

Electric Bottle Warmer

If you are feeding your baby from a bottle, there are some options for an electric bottle warmer.  There is not however a huge selection of a machine that can not only warm the bottle, but sterilize it as well as mixes your powdered formula with water…for you!!  I know, right?!  I want to shake the hand of the genius that made the Bib’expresso machine ($99.99). The Bib’expresso mixes water and powdered formula in a way that virtually eliminates air bubbles and hot spots.  I bet I am not the only parent that has warmed a bottle and thought it was the perfect temp, only to have the baby cry when they hit a hot spot in their bottle.  You also get a removable bottle and food warmer that can heat breast milk and baby food jars.  This machine prepares your bottle in 90 seconds, can hold 3 10 ounce bottles and even self-cleans itself!!  I could not believe one machine could do so much!  The beauty of it is that once the baby gets too old for bottles, you can use it to prepare tea or hot cocoa!  I was blessed to have received this machine right after my husband’s boss had his first grandchild.  This family struggles and we were so thankful to be able to give such a lovely gift to such a deserving family.

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