My husband is starting back at school for the first time in 20 years. I wanted to make this crazy period in his life fun and as easy as possible. Thank goodness we live right near a CVS because they help me help him at an affordable price. Like boys of all ages, he likes it when I pack his lunch, however, he is not too fond of the Scooby-doo lunch box we had! Since I am a Gold Emblem Taste maker, CVS sent me this cute igloo bag perfect for his lunches chock full of great Gold Emblem goodies. The line is MSG free and the majority (when possible) is free of trans-fats as well. This is perfect for my migraine-prone hubby.

CVS (1)

Taste Makers AmbassadorThe snacks also taste great and can be found at 7,400 CVS/pharmacy locations nationwide. We tried goodies such as Mediterranean apricots, raspberry shortbread cookies (which I totally ATE ALL OF THEM* cause they are MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COOKIE IN THE WORLD), greek yogurt bar, natural granola/cranberry mix and a sparkling fruit burst strawberry kiwi drink. Also included was home premium dinner napkins and antibacterial moist wipes from the Total Home line! Did you know you can get 15-20% savings when you shop CVS brands over national brands. The cool thing is YOU DON’T SACRIFICE QUALITY, at all. You also get 20% back to buy other fantastic items you need! What are you waiting for? Check out all the cool back-to-school items you can get from CVS! This is perfect for me because I can grab the snacks my boys love, get the supplies for home I need and have money left over for makeup and magazines for me…Yep, it is all about me!

*Yes, I admit, I should have shared, but I really love those cookies. They did not even make it past the photo session. Note the first bite gone in the “C” above