Nobody wants to think about getting older, but at some point, we must. We like to think we are invincible and will be young forever, but that is not the case. My mom was dancing at Woodstock and protesting the Vietnam War and I thought she was a hero. Now she is 80, has survived breast cancer, had a knee replacement and watches C.S.I. faithfully. Mom is also unable to reach above her head, needs help cleaning her apartment and may be looking to buy a cane soon. As much as I hate to admit it, my hero is not a spring chicken anymore and it is time to think about her long term care costs. What frightens me is that mom is not prepared for what she will do when she is unable to live on her own any longer. This is why we have suggested she think about getting long term care insurance to help cover those costs. With Genworth Financial, she can get all of her questions answered and get all the information she needs to make the right decision.

Be Prepared For Long Term Care Costs

What long term insurance does is helps to cover the costs of extended care if you cannot care for yourself. Like most insurance, this is something we do not want to buy but we need to buy. In an article by Ann Carrns, entitled, “Buyers of Long Term Care Insurance Prefer Home Care said that if you are reaching your 50’s, 60’s or older, you should be looking into and be prepared for long term care costs. If mom needs help beyond our weekly visits to help clean and take her to run errands, how will she pay for it? Where will she go and how long would she be able to stay there? If you think Medicare is going to cover these costs, that is not the case and you better have a back up plan. What many people may not know is that long term care insurance can cover the costs for care at a facility or for home care. I think many of us would prefer to stay in our homes if at all possible in this situation.

To give you peace of mind in money matters, Genworth Financial offers a variety of services. If you have questions, they have free consultations with experts in the field to help you. There are links to relevant articles, budget calculators, calculators that can show the cost of long term care in your area and so much more. They offer services in long term care, mortgage and life insurance, annuities,  and wealth management. They are there to help prepare you for what life is going to financially throw at you. Instead of leaving important decisions to your loved ones, they can help you make those decisions yourself. No matter you needs in these areas, Genworth Financial can help it make sense to you.

Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network.” and all opinions are mine.