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Bean Bag Chairs For Kids From Sumo Lounge

I think that your home is a direct reflection of your personality. I mean, you are the one who chooses the colors, furniture, wall art and knick knacks. With those choices come little bits of your personality sprinkled through them. When I walk into a room, I can usually tell a lot about the person who decorated it, even if I do not know them well. My older sister collects masks from all over the world, loves Pottery Barn wool sofas and has white carpeting in her whole house. Well, I can tell you she has no kids for one thing! The other is that you can tell she is hip, has an eye for art and is pretty reserved.

On the other side of the coin, my brother is a meat and potatoes kind of guy that would rather stay home and watch a Bruce Willis flick then to go out with his girlfriend.  His decor is leather furniture and taxidermy. Me on the other hand has a lot of personal pictures all over the walls, bright colors in every room, comfortable furniture and a girly girl bedroom. I am full of life, laugh all the time and am always up for trying new things. That comes through in my style of decorating, which is why I love the bean bag chairs for kids from Sumo Lounge. I love their variety of colors, shapes and sizes that are sure to make everyone in the family happy.

Bean Bag Chairs For Kids

When my buddy Jeff from Sumo Lounged emailed and told me he had a new product for me, I was over the moon happy. I LOVE the bean bag chairs for kids from Sumo Lounge and when I saw the Emperor, I knew exactly who would claim it! My love, Henry, who will be 12 this August has autism. He has a need to feel surrounded to make him feel grounded and the bean bags from Sumo Lounge do that for him. He plays a lot of video games, so this is perfect for him to snuggle up in and play online with his friends. I must say that the Emperor is the perfect name for this bean bag as Henry certainly looks, feels and acts like a little emperor himself! If you are not paying attention when you walk into his room, the Emperor swallows him up and you can only see his head! I think the picture of he and Caitlin playing Minecraft together was sweet and it also shows you how big this sucker is (55″x25″). They two of them have plenty of room without getting on each other’s nerves!

Sumo Lounge is a company that has been around since 2004 and they know about bean bags! Each bean bag they make is made of the finest materials, is constructed with perfection and are way comfortable. With removable covers, you can clean the bean bags from Sumo Lounge very easily. As a parent, this is one of my favorite features. When I tell you these are made really well would be an understatement. My kids are incredibly hard on things and they love to jump on the furniture (I have a broken sofa and chair to prove it!). With the bean bags from Sumo Lounge, they can jump, catapult, roll, bounce and any number of roughhousing activities and the Sumo Lounge products just bounce back to their original shape unmarred! If you have a fun family, Sumo Lounge has a line of incredible bean bags just for you! You can buy the Emperor online from Sumo Lounge for $249.00 along with their many other styles and sizes that come in a number of fabrics and colors.

One USA reader will win a red (only color right now) Emperor ($249.00)


  1. I love the SUMO Gigantor Ultimate Fur one. These are way better than just a regular bean bag chair. To cool! Thank you 🙂

  2. would love this for my grandson who ,because of divorce is now living with us , he would love thi for his room!

  3. I like the New Sumo Solace Big Bean Bag Chairs because of its new and updated style. thank you

  4. Being a bigger person, I’d like this one. And I’m more of a floor person anyway, puts me where I want to be, with the comfort of being able to still get up.

  5. The “Solace” is a favorite of mine just because it’d be nice to lay back and enjoy a nice book with my legs rested high!

  6. I love the Solace… this looks perfect for working from home or just kicking back to read a book or watch TV!

  7. Followed on Pinterest……..….… emscout9……………………..( Paol Trenny … emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  8. i like the memory foam mattresses thanks for this chance i also have two rough boys….and they can go threw some furniture thats for sure…

  9. I like the OMNI, at least for myself that’s the one that would appeal to me. Back support.

  10. I like the Omni. Looks like fun for it to be positionable. Next up would be the Gigantor or the Titan, because my kids are always wanting to snuggle!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  11. My dear daughter who is now a mother herself always wanted a bean bag chair. I’d choose Sumo Sultan for her.

  12. I want a sumo couple one!!! My hubby really wants one of these so I am thinking Christmas gift!

  13. I like the Titan… Royal Purple corduroy… it just seems so epically suited for my daughter… (& Mom gets to steal it if left unattended…)

  14. My favorite product is the Ultimate-Fur Sumo Gigantor! It looks like that would definitely be the most comfortable seat in the whole house! Absolutely amazing!! :):)

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