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Beautiful Table Linens From Hen House Linens Review

Beautiful Table Linens

When you have people over, do you use your beautiful table linens?  I actually forget I have table linens and after people leave I remind myself to pull them out for the next party. But I never do!! My sister-in-law gave my husband and I two linen table cloths when we got married.  I had never owned anything but paper napkins before, so I thought her gift was ultra-fancy!!  I actually used them a good bit when we were first married, but over the years,  I used them less and less.  Now that I am having people over more often, I wanted to begin my own collection of table linens and add to what I already have.

Hen House Linens is a company inspired by one women’s desire to re-visit her roots as a child where table linens were used at the family table.  With a family of her own, she wanted to start that tradition for her own family and decided to start with linen napkins.  Like a hen watching over her roost, this mom has built her company along with a staff of talented and creative women.   Hen House Lines offers a line of gorgeous linen napkins, runner, placemats and more.  Her fabric and color choices are warm and inviting, which is just how a house should feel.

Pretty Linen Napkins

When I decided to begin a collection of table lines, I decided to start with pretty linen napkins and build from there.  I had recently changed the colors in my kitchen and it was a perfect time to add in some matching linens.  I was offered two 20”x20” linen napkins ($9.00 each) in the licorice scroll pattern, which matches perfectly with my kitchen.  When we had friends over recently, I used the napkins as decorations for my table since I did not yet have enough linen napkins to go around.  The napkins from Hen House lines are so beautiful and elegant that they add that touch of class to every meal, gathering or picnic.

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