Many young people aspire to be models but do not actually know what it really takes to become one. There is more to a model than just looking pretty and posing for photos. Becoming a successful model demands way more than just physical attributes. Your confidence, self-esteem, walking style, and even your voice will play a big part in your modelling career. The different aspects of your physical and mental attributes as well as your behaviour and social interaction can either make or break your modelling career. While this industry can guarantee you quick fame and fortune, you have to put in a lot of effort and hard work. Before I take you through how to become a fashion model, you need to first understand who is a fashion model.

The modelling industry is a big field which includes several different categories of models. The different categories require different qualifications but the main focus still remains on physical attributes. With the likes of commercial models, plus size models, petite models, fitness models and runway models, the fashion category is still the most exclusive, demanding and difficult of all categories.

Fashion models mostly work with top fashion designers to present their brands in fashion magazines. In general, they are required to be tall, thin, young and good looking. There are plenty of jobs for models in the UK and these four qualities can jump start your career in the fashion modelling industry.

Do you possess these four physical qualities? If so, here is how you can become a fashion model.

Know how to work with your makeup

Once you get a job as a fashion model, your makeup will be done for you. But until then, you need to know how to play around with your makeup and the different combinations that will bring out the best of you. Find quality brands that blend well with your skin. Remember, your looks are key to getting your dream job. Get your makeup game on point.

Have a sense of fashion

You cannot be a fashion model when you have a pathetic sense of fashion. This niche is all about presenting different fashion brands and although the clothes will be provided for you during photo shoots, you also need to look good while you are not on set.

Keeping up with fashion trends and knowing how to rock different styles will attract different fashion brands. Your sense of fashion is one of your most important assets in this industry. Never be ignorant of what you’ve put on when you step out of the house.

Have a modelling portfolio

No one is going to take your modelling career seriously if you do not have a modelling portfolio. A portfolio acts as a CV for models. Despite having good looks, a poorly crafted portfolio can stand in the way of your modelling career. Learn how to pose for photos and hire a professional photographer to take snapshots of you in different outfits. Make sure your makeup is on point and the outfits you choose are from well-known designers.

Get yourself out there

You need to put yourself out there for the world to see if you want to be successful in your modelling career. Before you start looking for agencies, first make yourself known on social media. The social media can be a powerful marketing tool for models. Be active on all your accounts and set up your bio as a fashion model. Post frequent photos, this will earn you a large number of followers. Fashion brands that come across you and find you alluring can even contact you directly.

While you can also use the social media to get in touch with agencies, sending physical copies and emails can also help your case. Send your updated portfolio to different agencies all around the world. Although this can be time-consuming, it is the only way they are going to take you seriously.

The career path of a fashion model is not easy. This is a very competitive industry which requires hard work, commitment and most importantly self-care. Do not despair when your application is turned down. Find more ways to improve your look and better yourself. Be persistent and eventually it is going to pay off.