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Bedtime Stories That Aren’t Scary

Fairy Tales With A Positive Ending

As a parent, I have been looking for fairy tales with a positive ending for my kids.  I have a hard enough time with Henry and his autism and the negative sleep issues the disorder brings.  Typically kids with autism. Are very literal and unfortunately, we as parents don’t figure that out until something we have innocently said has made Henry run off in a panic.  For instance, I was upset with Henry for something he did and I said something my mom used to tell my sister and I…”I am going to sell you to the Gypsies for a nickel”.  Well, it only took me over an hour to convince Henry to go back to his room and unpack his backpack.  Bearing that in mind, you can imagine how detrimental a traditional story book tale would be for him.  For the past 5-6 years, I have been on the look-out for different stories or different ending to familiar stories that will help Henry get to sleep.  Here are some great ideas for parents who are looking for something different for their bed time routine.

  • Sing…sing a song…sing out loud…sing out strong…Kids love to have songs sung to them.  If you have a favorite song, sing it with your child.  When my oldest daughter was younger, I sang Silent Night to her every night before bed.  This was a favorite song any time of the year.
  • Let your kids tell you a story!  With the imaginative minds our kids have, you know they have a pretty tall tale or two they can tell you about!  My kids have come up with some really crazy and funny stories.
  • Find a classic chapter book to read from.  There are so many great books that your kids will love hearing, one chapter at a time.  Caitlin loves reading from the Anne of Green Gables series and Henry loves Captain Underpants.
  • Just talk to your kids!  Sometimes we don’t get as much one on one time as I would like with the kids, so just going over the day or talking about an upcoming event is what my kids want at bedtime.  We have a sound machine that we will play and sometimes we will play a game called “This Or That”.  I may start by saying; hot dogs or hamburgers, and the kids and I will say which we prefer.  This has been a really fun game to play anywhere.

Kid Friendly Classic Story Books

I was very interested in a company who has created kid friendly classic story books that are very kid friendly.  Instead of reading a story to your child about a big, bad and scary wolf, a My1story book has a mischievous but friendly wolf cub.  This clever line of books from Jaime Rodriguez, a former Walt Disney character artist, has put an entirely new twist on the old standby stories.  Not only are the stories going to become a favorite, so will the adorable plush figure that matched a character from the story.  We were sent the Jack and the Magic Beans book ($12.99) with the Beanie plush ($14.99).  This story is so stinking cute!!  Henry loved the way the scary giant in the traditional stories was turned into a loveable little giant kid that you could never fear.  The hardcover book is a 10×10 book with such colorful and cute illustrations and it is no surprise the books have won the title of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products.  You can find the My1story books

Exclusively at Amazon, where you can purchase Jack and the Magic Beans and Lil’ Riding Hood books and plushes as well as the I Love Cake My1story books.  If you visit the My1story home page, you will find a ton of fun stories and act ivies for your child.  You can also see videos which show your child more friendly characters and story ideas before they come to fruition.  This has become a ritual with our family and I am pretty sure Henry will get another My1story for Christmas!!

One reader will win their choice of one My1story book ($12.99) and one plush ($14.00)

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