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Beginners Guide to Gardening with Kids

Beginners Guide to Gardening with Kids

With summer quickly approaching, the time to start planning my sanity is now. Unlike summers in the past, this summer is going to be filled with firsts, and lasts. As a brand new teacher, this will be my very first summer break. I am not exaggerating when I say that we teachers have been counting down the days since August. With Aidan starting Kindergarten this year, this is his last summer as a preschooler. Where did the time go? While I am not certain of this answer, I do know that many moms can relate. I am now racking my brain for ideas to keep the kiddos busy this summer. I have always admired my neighbor’s gardening skills. On the contrary, my house is like a hospice house for ferns. I have zero gardening abilities, but what better time to change that than during my first summer break? I have the next 3 months to hone my skills and get outdoors. Gardening with kids will be a challenge, but after doing some pretty extensive Google research I’ve decided that it will be possible!

Tips for Sucessful Gardening With Your Kids

gardening growablesAllow children to have their own section of the garden. Make them responsible for this section, also allowing them to select the plants.

How To Start A Container Vegetable GardenYour garden should be located in an out of the way area that gets the most sunlight.

Child Friendly Tools- Select gardening tools that are child friendly to ensure they do not get injured. Spades, rakes, hoes, and other tools can be purchased in child sizes.

Select gardening tools that are child friendly to ensure they do not get injured. Spades, rakes, hoes, and other tools can be purchased in child sizes.

Plant crops that allow for a variety of texture. This will help to enhance the learning experience for your children.

Make it fun by growing foods that your kids enjoy eating. Pick carrots, green beans, potatoes, and even watermelon!

gardening kidsIf your kids are anything like mine, they will be filthy within just a handful of minutes in the garden. There is no way that I am able to afford to keep buying new clothes each time the kids get dirty, so we use Clorox 2® for those well-set stains. Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster can be used in the wash to keep colors bright and as a pre-treater for stains. When the kids come in from outside, I get them washed up and start the pre-treating process right away. It works great on tough stains like body soil and outdoor soil. That means you’ll get more life out of your clothes, more looking good out of your closet, and more fun out of every day. My summer goal is to make gardening with my kids a memorable experience, something that we can look back on for years to come while not breaking the bank on new clothes!

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