Nowadays, many businesses engage in influencer marketing. Influencer marketing, as its name suggests, is a partnership between companies and influential individuals on social media that’s designed to endorse a company’s products or services and make them more available, as well as more appealing to a specific target audience.

As an example, big brands leverage influencer marketing to target niche audiences they themselves cannot reach. But what exactly is an influencer? An influencer can be anyone with any fame on social media or simply put, anyone with a big enough social following.

The fact that these individuals are called influencers originates from their ability to influence their followers’ behavior or purchasing decisions. But why partner up with influencers, to begin with? The fact of the matter is that consumers are more likely to trust a person endorsing the product than the company that does the same. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can optimize social media accounts for influencer marketing.

Conduct thorough research

In order to find the right influencers for your social media campaign, you must first take the time to truly understand your target audience. Any assumptions you make about them without data to back it up will only end up bad for you. The main reason you must research your audience is that it will allow you to determine what type of content is best suited for your potential customers and which influencers are producing such content.

Aside from that, you’ll be able to determine your audience’s preferences, their demographics, needs, expectations and most importantly, their overall behavior. That way you’ll not only ensure that you’re providing them with the right content but also that you’re tailoring your messages the right way. You must also determine the best platform for your campaign and tailor a specific approach for that platform.

Monitor your campaign

Once you’ve found an influencer to partner up with, you can test out a few strategies before you actually launch your campaign, in order to determine how the audience reacts to your efforts. This step is vital because it will allow you to spot any mistakes early one and improve your efforts before you actually commit to it to the fullest. As an example, you can leverage effective media monitoring tools to track mentions, reactions and overall impressions for your posts.

This will allow you to monitor your strategies and determine their performance. You can also monitor how influencers are driving the desired results. The fact of the matter is that influencers can influence around 20% to 50% of company sales. As a matter of fact, 49% consumers on Twitter, for instance, follow reviews from influencers and 40% of them are encouraged to make a purchase after seeing a tweet from an influencer.

Determine the right keywords and hashtags

When collaborating with influencers, one of the main purposes is to create enough exposure for your products or services. Influencers can help you reach out to an even broader audience than you’re originally targeting. Using Twitter as an example again, 20% of users there are be inspired to make their own recommendations to their friends and family due to influencer tweet.

However, in order to make the exposure as seamless as possible, it’s important to determine the right keywords and hashtags for your campaign so that influencers can use those in their own promotions. Hashtags originated on Twitter but they soon spread to other social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. That’s why having the right hashtag can be very beneficial for cross-platform promotions.

Repurpose content

As you may already know, the most efficient way to engage consumers and encourage them to take the desired action is to provide them with high-quality and highly relevant content. Influencers know how to work content in their favor on their platform, which is quite beneficial for your company.

However, if you wish to use the same content that’s driving desired results on Instagram, for instance on other social platforms for more visibility and exposure, you’ll have to repurpose it. The fact of the matter is that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work on social media and each platform requires a specific approach, as well as a specific tone of voice. Keep that in mind when repurposing content for other social media networks.

Influencer marketing can be a powerful asset to your company. Influencers can drive purchasing decision where you yourself cannot, which is essential in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why it’s very important to optimize your social media accounts for influencer marketing the right way.