Each year I seek out the best deals on Black Friday and choose just the right ones to take advantage of. I spent hours looking at site after site until I found that the best buys for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are posted on Coupons.com. This year I saw they are having a Coupons.com Black Friday Giveaway! Thanks to this Fashionista Event and promotional item provided to me by Coupons. com. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

Black Friday Giveaway

They even have a webzine, the Black Friday articles on The Good Stuff  have everything you need to know about Black Friday shopping! That is how I found my absolute favorite Black Friday purchase EVER… Karina dresses.

lack Friday Shopping Infographic

My Best Black Friday Purchase Ever… Karina Dresses

  • Great Fit: The dresses are made of a limited edition microfiber fabric that is flattering and breathable. They fit great and are very flattering. They sweep and move freely as I move giving me the feeling of flowing grace. Living in Florida this can be especially difficult in the oppressive heat, but in my Karina dresses I am cool and comfortable. I also love how the Karina website allows you to shop by body type, how innovative!
  • Easy Care: Casual office wear that doesn’t need to be taken to the cleaners, I love it!  The microfiber material is machine washable and dryer safe. I love the no muss, no fuss, just toss in the wash! I have had mine for a year now, they have been washed regularly and there has been no color fading or distortion to the garment shape. The fabric really holds up to the washer.
  • Travel Well: I travel often for business and need to look great on the go. The last thing I want to do when I get to my hotel room is iron for the following day, especially to find that by the time I arrive I am wrinkled again (an issue when working in town too). The microfiber fabric of the Karina dresses doesn’t wrinkle… that’s right, no wrinkles! Simply pull out of the suitcase or closet and you are good to go!


Thank you Coupons.com for making my Black Friday a more successful and enjoyable experience AND for leading me to my favorite purchases!