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Best Boot Styles for Bigger Calves

My legs are thick and I am interested in finding the best boot styles for bigger calves.  Thanks to my Dad’s side of the family, my sister, I and my oldest daughter have “tree trunk” legs.  It doesn’t make a difference if we are slim or heavy, our calves are all the same; thick.  I learned a long time ago that I cannot find a cute pair of boots and expect them to fit.  If you also have thicker legs, here are some of the best styles in a boot for you.

Best Boot Styles for Bigger Calves

  • Stretch Boots: You can find stretch boots made from leather, knits and several other materials.  A stretch boot will have enough elastic that they will stretch and conform to any size calf.  Stretch boots typically come in a small to medium heel so they will look great with anything from jeans to a dress pant to a casual skirt.
  • Knit Boots: A great boot for winter is a warm and cozy knit boot.  What is great about a knit boot is they are typically made with leather for the foot and knit fabric for the calf.  This combination of materials makes these boots stylish, comfortable and warm for a woman of any size.  With a more casual look, these boots are perfect for just hanging out with friends or a casual day of shopping.
  • Lace Up Boots: If you have a bigger calf, a lace up boot is a great choice for you.  With a lacing in the front or the back, this style looks smart while feeling great.  A lace up style is also perfect for a woman who may have a thinner ankle with a thicker calf as they lend more stability.  For me, there are few companies who can begin to compare to the selection and quality of the footwear from LAMO.  If you are looking for an affordable line of shoes, sandals and boots, you are in the winning corner with LAMO.

Stylish Footwear For Women

If you are in the market for some incredibly stylish footwear for women, I know just the place to send you!  LAMO Footwear is a California based company whose look is as relaxed and comfortable as it is stylish while on the cutting edge of the latest fashions. With a scrumptiously divine sheepskin lining, you will fall in love with the footwear from LAMO.  Using the finest Australian sheepskin and Merino wool available, the footwear from LAMO is bar none, the best in its class.  I was fortunate to try the Winter Wonderland Boot ($64.00) in chocolate.  With its lacing in the back, this style is perfect for my chubby little calves!  If you want to know what heaven for your feet would be like, try on a pair of these boots!  Once I put them on, I decided I would never take them off!  Ok, not really, but Oh Boy Oh Boy are these deliciously comfy!!  I cannot imagine wearing anything as awesome as these boots and I don’t plan to try!!


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