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I have had a few things to celebrate in my life lately and I am more than a little excited about them! I have been working really hard to lose weight and I am seeing the payoffs of my hard work. I have been eating healthy and exercising and I am dropping dress sizes regularly. Another special time is my wedding anniversary and the way my husband and I decided to celebrate it this year. We had taken a cruise with the whole family several months ago and we had such a good time. We decided to take a romantic cruise for just the two of us and we have been really looking forward to it. One of the things I was really excited about doing was buying some cute clothes to take with me on the cruise. The first thing I did was to get a list of the available activities the cruise offered and the dress code for them. Next, I decided to go online and see what other women were taking on their cruises. Here is what I found:

  • Evening Clothes: Our cruise offered fine dining, clubs, dancing and other activities that required cocktail dresses or the equivalent attire.
  • Swimwear: The cruise ship had several pools for swimming and there was a possibility of water activities at port, so it is recommended to bring a few suite, cover ups, towels and all the cute accessories you will need.
  • Casual: It was recommended to pack plenty of shorts, both casual as well as a pair of nicer shorts. I also planned to pack several tanks, tees and a few camp shirts as well as a few lightweight jackets for the cool nights at sea.
  • Dresses: I love to wear dresses, so this one was a no brainer for me! I knew I would bring a few sundresses, semi-casual short dresses and a little black dress for a romantic dinner for two. The one dress I did not have that I wanted, was a cute maxi dress. Luckily, Fresh Produce Clothes had some really cute options in that length. For over 30 years, Fresh Produce Clothes has been selling bright and fashionable women’s resort wear, clothing and accessories for women and kids.

Fresh Produce Dress

Best Clothes To Wear On Vacation

I travel a lot, so I usually know exactly what to pack and how to pack it. When you are trying to decide on the best clothes to wear on vacation, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. If you are on vacation and hear about a great new night spot you are dying to try and did not pack the right clothing, you are going to kick yourself! I am one of those women that will pack more than I need than to leave things I may need behind. When you are on a cruise, you need to pack smart, which is why I wanted to know exactly what I needed so I was completely prepared.

I just love the bright, fresh, colorful and easy clothing from Fresh Produce Clothes. I found exactly the perfect dress I wanted for the cruise. I decided on the Mystic maxi in bright coral because it said breezy, cruise, sexy and fun all rolled into one dress. It is comfortable, soft, looks great and packs really well. My husband thought I looked really pretty in my dress from Fresh Produce Clothes and I had to admit he was right! You can buy the Mystic dress online at Fresh Produce Clothes for $89.00 along with their complete line of beautiful clothes and accessories for women and kids.