Best Nail Polish Colors For Winter 2012
If you are looking for what the best nail polish colors for winter 2012, you are in good company.  I know many of my friends who 100% believe the right nail polish color is almost as important as your outfit and accessories you will wear on New Year’s Eve.  I am usually a Plain Jane kind of girl when it comes to nail polish.  Before I was in nursing school, I had acrylic nails and had a great time choosing a new color each time I went to have my nails done.  With the big night quickly approaching, I wanted to search for the most popular colors this season.  Here are some great colors you may want to wear:

Best Nail Polish Colors For Winter 2012

Pastels: Believe it or not, pastels are very in this year, especially lavender and yellow.  I would not have thought about using yellow for a nail color, but Caitlin loves it.  We have a bottle of a creamy butter yellow and she wears it all the time and it looks really cute on her.  What I love about the pastels is that you can wear them with just about anything and it will look great.

Dark Blue and Black: For a very dramatic look, you can’t go wrong with a dark midnight blue or black.  In my opinion, you need to have your nails in good shape to pull these colors off.  It isn’t a matter of how long your nails are but rather what condition they are in.  If you have ragged cuticles, they will be magnified with a very dark color.

Glitter: If you want to gain some attention on your nails, brush on the glitter girls!  What I love about glitter nail polish is how great it looks on your nails.  It is the opposite of the dark colors, where regardless the condition of your nails and cuticles, glitter is very forgiving.  The only caution on wearing glitter is how tricky it can be to get it off.  It is best to let your nails soak in remover for a bit before you wipe them clean.

Metallic: Here is one of my all-time favorites to wear.  If you want to dress up your nails, put on some pretty silver or gold metallic and you are going to look fantastic.  You can wear a metallic color to work, to play and to show off on a night on the town.  One of my favorite places to buy some awesome nail polish would have to be Rainbow Honey.  The colors are fabulous and the quality is so top notch that you can’t go wrong.
Custom Blended Nail Polish

Custom Blended Nail Polish

For some of the best custom blended nail polish, look no further than Rainbow Honey.  If you think about it, with a name like Rainbow Honey, you have got a pretty good idea of the range of colors to expect.  What I did not expect was how smoothly it glides on, how quickly it dries and how sustainable it truly is.  I was given the gorgeous Holiday Collection ($40.00), which included four, 15 ml colors;

  • Annual Emotion: This pretty silver polish is made with coated aluminum flakes, which give it a cool holographic sparkle
  • Gilded Angel: This gold color is also made with coated aluminum flakes which give this polish a holographic sparkle as well.
  • Glittering Rapture:  A blend of reds and gold is created from glitters, flakes, and special effect pigments.
  • Spirit of Wonder: A lovely winter white with a blue shimmer and snow, this mix of blue and silver give this polish the same holographic glitter the others offer.

 All the polishes from Rainbow Honey are made in the US and are made with no caustic toxins and no animals were used in the creation or production of the products.  Dee, who is the head honcho and lead designer, has a background in science as well as fashion.  The partnership of these two industries is a match made in heaven and the creative and gorgeous colors you can find at Rainbow Honey are testament to that.

TWO readers will win one Holiday Gift Box ($40.00)

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  1. Of the 3 shown, Kawako would be my fav. But out of all their polishes…I own Pinkie Promise & love it to bits!!!

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  3. I like the Equestria collection. My favorite colors are the Pinkie Promise and the element of magic.

  4. I love the Annual Emotion (7ml) by Rainbow Honey

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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  5. My favorite product is “The Worst Possible Thing” from the Equestria collection. (I’m a brony, so I got a kick out of it).

  6. My favorite product is definitely the Annual Emotion (15ml) . That color is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  7. I like the Chrono Cross Collection. If you would prefer only one choice out of the collection, I like Snake Eyes best.

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