North Indian street food is famous across the country. In fact, one of the most interesting facts about Mumbai is the Vada Pav – called the Mumbai Vada Pav, this street food is sold under the same name everywhere in India due to its popularity. Here are some of the best north Indian street foods:

Chhole Bhature

This Punjabi dish (although originated in Uttar Pradesh but made famous in Punjab) is made with Chana (Chickpea) cooked in traditional Punjabi spices and bhatura – a bread made of flour (maida) and fried. You will find this dish on the streets on Amritsar, but also across the country in north Indian restaurants, food stalls, even in some south Indian restaurants.

Vada Pav

As mentioned previously, this street food is especially famous in Maharashtra. It is an extremely simple dish comprising a fried potato dumpling placed inside a fresh bun sliced in half. The bun is smeared with a spicy chutney and the dish is offered with fried chilis for enhanced flavour. It is a highly popular street food in Mumbai and comes in different varieties. Due to the dish’s popularity, a fast food franchise called Goli Vada Pav came into existence in 2004.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is one of the most popular street foods across Maharashtra that has permeated to the south as well. It is a Chaat where spiced mixed vegetables as smashed to make a semi-solid curry and served with a buttered and slightly roasted pav (Indian bread).


This is an extremely popular summer drink in the north. It is made with rose syrup, sweet basil seeds with milk, and vermicelli, mixed with ice cream. It is an Indian version of the Iranian faloodeh.

Galouti Kebabs (Non-vegetarian)

Galouti Kebabs is Lucknow’s most popular street food. Tender meat is minced, and spices are added to it. The meat is then flattened like a ball and fried.


Made popular by the land of royals, Rajasthan, Kachori is a deep-fried bread stuffed with different gravy, chutneys, and even mashed vegetables. This snack only takes around 10 minutes to prepare and has become popular down south as well. It is offered in different vegetarian stuffing.


Samosa is a classic north Indian street food, and one of the most popular Indian street foods you will find across the world. It comes in different shapes such as triangular, half-moon, or even a cone, made with flour and oil, stuffed with different ingredients such as fried potato, onions, meat, cheese, etc. and deep fried.

There are many street foods popular in north India along with the ones mentioned here, especially Chaats Bhel Puri, Paani Puri, Masala Puri, Paapdi Chaat, and more. Chaat houses are found at street corners, along with vendors selling them on carts.