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I am all about personalized items, both for adults and kids. I am not quite sure where my fascination began, but it has been there for years! I am pretty sure it started when I first had a name plate on my banana seat bicycle back in the day! I want to share a hilarious story about me and the whole name thing. When I was 15, I worked at a well known fast food restaurant as a cashier. I wore my name tag of course, but I also had a necklace with my name that I had gotten as a gift from my mom. My parents were divorced and my dad lived up north and we never saw him. By the time I was working at this restaurant, I was 7 or 8 years past the last time I saw my dad. Oh, I better also tell you that I am a complete airhead and my husband says my middle name is “Gullible”.  So, I am working one night and I had forgotten to put on my name tag, so I worked without it. An older man with snow white hair came to me and placed his order. At the end of the transaction, he said “Thank you Kelly”. I stared at him and wondered how he knew my name, so I said “Are you my dad?” He laughed his head off and said he was not and I asked how he knew my name if he was not my dad. That is when he pointed out my necklace and reminded me that I was wearing it! How embarrassing, right?! So, now that I have humiliated myself to all of you, I will tell you about this fantastic company that is all about personalization: This company has everything you could imagine to put your name on and they have some of the coolest graphics I have ever seen. Hot Dog!
Best Personalized Items For Kids

Best Personalized Items For Kids

The person I was thinking most about when I first learned of this company, was my BFF’s daughter, Anna. Anna is a beautiful girl who is bright, funny and kindhearted and will be starting high school this fall. Anna also has a disability that only a few people in the whole world have. It is hard to explain, so I will say it is similar to a cross between mild retardation and autism. Because my son has autism, the two of them are like two kindred spirits! With Anna starting high school, I wanted to make sure she had some personalized items she could take with her to school. I was offered the privilege of creating a package of items for Anna and I had so much fun! We created a placemat, book mark, name bar and personalized poster ready for framing.

Creating your personalized items for kids is super easy to do with The problem you will have is deciding on which graphic to use because they have so many to choose from and they are so unique. For boys they have monsters, robots teddy bears, dragons and wizards and for girls, you can choose from mermaids, fairies, or angels. For Anna, I chose the mermaids. Next you choose the colors you want for each letter and then you decide which item you want. among the choices are bookmarks, place mats, pillow cases and many more. Once you have made your selection, you finalize your choices and you are ready to check out. We received our package with all of Anna’s goodies within just a few days and everything was just fantastic. I cannot wait for Anna to see all of her awesome stuff! You can purchase your items from the website, where items start at just $9.75.

One USA reader will win their choice of one: Bookmark ($9.75), Name Bar ($26.75), Placemat ($23.75), or Personalized Poster ($19.75)


  1. Any child, no matter the age, would love the Personalized Name Bar. It is my very favorite product.

  2. I just love the personalized poster! So cute! I also like the bookmarks. It would be fun to use. My kids would like the place mats too.

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, personalized gifts! My daughters tease me about it all the time. When they were little, they had personalized EVERYTHING! LOL I have to say I think the “Personalized Name Bar” is my favorite. Thank you for this nice giveaway! =)

  4. I would love to get the book mark and stickers in the fairy theme for my daughter. So precious.

  5. I love the Clasically Framed. I have one that my parents got me. It is little different I love to have one to put in my son’s room.

  6. I like the personalized name bar. My nephew has a unique name, and none of the stuff with names on it you see at Babies ‘r’ Us has his name. He’d love this!

  7. I like the personalized pillow. It will go great with the personalized quilt I made two years ago.

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