Located in the Coastal of Zealand, Copenhagen is a stunning city known for its wonderful recreational treasures. The Oresund bridge connects it to Malmo, another wonderful city worth giving a visit at all times. Below are some of the things to do in Copenhagen and you can always use travel apps to know how to prepare for various destinations like the kind of clothes to carry, prices of commodities, tax hiring prices and other kind of information. Below are some places you can tour to ensure you have some fun.

Tivoli Gardens

This is an amusement garden located in Copenhagen. It contains plenty of plant species that you can check in and enjoy the spellbinding views. Water fountains are also included making the place to be really wonderful to see at all times. It is one of the most visited parks in the city and it contains wonderful amenities for recreation. Wonderful plants, birds and butterflies all at your disposal to make you happy and enjoy every moment. Festivals also occur such as the Carnival Joys” and “A Festive Night at Tivoli. If you are lucky enough, you can find such activities and enjoy with others.

The Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid, Denmark

This little mermaid statue depicts a mermaid turning into a human being. It has been there for several years and it is one of the iconic landmarks people use when describing directions. It weighs 175 kilograms and it is 1.2 meters tall. It was commissioned in 1909 so it is one of the ancient and symbolic statues you can always enjoy to visit. You will enjoy the breathtaking environment and take photos of the stunning view for remembrance. People come to visit the place to enjoy the view and fresh air around.

Rosenberg Castle

This is a renaissance castle known for its attractive red color appearance. It is surrounded by a serene compound where people can visit and relax as they enjoy fresh air. Built in a Dutch style, it looks ancient but still iconic in its own standards making people to fall in love with it. Around 1710, it was used by the Danish regents as a Royal residence. Lots of historical collections are there so if you get time to visit, make sure you check in and you will find the best kind of activities to do. Best travel apps can guide you on what to do in Copenhagen.

Visit the Copenhagen Zoo

The Zoo was opened in 1859 and you can enjoy excellent views of the best animals. It contains an elephant house and a wonderful collection of botanical gardens. A lot of preserved buildings are also available so you can get a clue of the Danish history and how its people used to live in the past. There is also an owl tower that is well-maintained to keep history alive and let the world know what existed in the past. Lots of restaurants are available so you can have an opportunity to enjoy Danish dishes.


Copenhagen remains one of the best cities in the world for holidays. People have a lot of options when they visit here because from educational, adventures and religious tours, you can always find something to do at all times. Always make sure you plan your travels well by using a travel app so that you know what is done on every destination and how to prepare for it well. You can always enjoy excellent travels and time if you are well prepared. Remember the aim of your trip is what determines the kind of activities you are going to do.