Best Quality Stainless Steel Cookware

Everyone looks for the best quality stainless steel cookware for their kitchen. Since they are used every day (sometimes more) they need be able to last through all of those extreme cooking conditions. Affordable is also key in grabbing the right utensils for the kitchen. Neway Housewares was able to design not only the best quality cookware, but also keeping within a budget. Gathering all of the utensils can be overwhelming, but beginning small can be helpful. In order to cook food, you have to chop it up first. The Cook N Home 15-Piece Cutlery Set with Storage Block is made with high carbon stainless steel and a fine edge making prep time for poultry, meat, or fish simple. The Bakelite handle creates a hygienic environment when handling different raw meats while making it aerodynamically comfortable to hold. Full tang construction with 3 rivets provide extra durability.

Another durable piece(s) for the kitchen is The Cook N Home 15-Piece Bamboo Tool in Tub Set for only $10.99. All of these utensils are super light weight and hand finished with a top grade natural feel. They are made to be long lasting by being heat and stain resistant. They are even safe on non-stick pans and will not absorb the flavors of food. This is perfect for all of those yummy hot meals being cooked daily.

What good would this great bamboo set be without pots and pans to stir them in? The Cook N Home 8 Piece Stainless Cookware Set Encapsulated Bottom at only $32.99 is the perfect match! These are mirror polished stainless steel that makes for an easy clean up along with the tempered glass lids allowing the cooker to keep an eye on the food throughout the cooking process. The silicone wrapped handle gives it a comfortable grip and will stay cool. The capsuled bottom with aluminum core helps cook the food more evenly while being able to cook on a glass or electric stove. Once the meal has been prepared a good set of steak knives would be a fantastic addition.

The Cook N Home 8-Piece Steak House Style Jumbo Steak Knife is made with high carbon stainless steel with a fine edge to slice through any meat with ease. The Bakelite handle creates a hygienic environment while staying durable with its 3-rivet full tang construction. With the price as low as $20.37 this is a steal! All of these great products would not be possible without Neway Housewares’  innovative designs, which are created in the heart of California. They not only manufactured these four top notch products, but also branch out to bake ware and other household products. You can win all of the following in the Neway Housewares Sweepstakes on Nov 1st for the  Winter’s Coming Sweepstakes Event


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