Best Toys For Fine Motor Skill DevelopmentHenry is one who likes to tinker and has autism, so I am always on the hunt for the best toys for fine motor skill development.  As long as I can remember, he has been building things and trying to figure out how things work.  I am sure when he is a bit older; I will start finding my electronic equipment taken apart and Henry furiously trying to put it back together!  With his autism, he needs to work on his fine motor skills, so it makes perfect sense that he would take a shine to anything he could create with.  I wanted to move beyond building blocks and Lincoln Logs, so I did a search for a more unconventional building toy.  Here are some really cool toys I found and if you have a budding construction manager in your home, they may like these as well!

Best Toys For Fine Motor Skill Development

  •  Unusual Puzzles: Henry has had a gift for puzzles since he was 2 and he continues to amaze us.  When he was 4, he got a 100 piece puzzle for Christmas and he shocked us with how quickly he put the puzzle together.  Now that he older, we are looking for something that will be more of a challenge.  A 3D puzzle is a very cool and very challenging puzzle but the final product is simply amazing.  Warning…this may need a bit of adult help!

Wacky Contraption Lab

  • Legos: If you have a child that needs some fine motor skills help, the smaller Legos are awesome. The smaller size is perfect for the pincher grasp for any age.  We love playing with just a big tub of Legos or one of the more specific sets, like the Star Wars or Harry Potter.  There are so many options and they range from very affordable to very pricey!
  • Science Toys: If there is one thing Henry loves, it is a science based toy.  He loves to study how things work together and what the result will be.  Since we home school, I love to find science toys that can help him with his operational development.  I found the absolute coolest toy from one of my favorite toy companies: Smart Lab Toys.  Since 2004, SmartLab Toys has been designing hands on toys for kids aged 4-12 that are educational and a lot of fun!

Science Toys For Kids

Science Toys For Kids

I am crazy about the science toys for kids from SmartLab Toys.  They have such a great selection of toys as well as arts and crafts supplies and puzzles.  We chose the review the Wacky Construction Lab ($39.99) for its concept as well as the wide range of designs a child can create.  The kit has 60 Velcro pieces along with 2 boards that the pieces can be stuck to the boards, which stand 2 feet tall when stacked on top of one another.  The pieces include ramps, tracks, gears, metal balls, a chicken coop and even a toilet!  What young kid doesn’t think a plastic toilet is hilarious!  My kids have had an absolute blast with this toy.  It reminds me a bit of the game Mouse Trap when I was younger because it has the same cause and effect concept behind it.  It is no wonder this toy has won so many awards, including the Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award, the 2012 Parents’ Choice “Recommended” Award and the 2012 Dr. Toy Best Picks for Children’s Products Award.  If you want to check out how the Wacky Contraption works, here is a video.  Also, you can find a ton of free downloadable activities for your kids here