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Best US Schools to Get an MBA

Emerging from the need to establish a scientific approach to management, the Master of Business Administration degree has become a one-of-kind opportunity for people with a marketing mindset to understand business craft using effective tools approved by theorists and practitioners. The MBA is aimed at preparing students for careers in business and management in a professional and cultivated manner.

As an internationally recognized degree, the MBA is being widely adopted these days and is considered one of the most popular educational practices for obtaining a solid background in marketing culture. From an online report writing service to a brick-and-mortar shoe store, any modern business irrevocably hinges on the knowledge of principles and laws received through an MBA degree.

And, although avidly embraced by thousands of educational institutions of the academic world, the MBA practice is not something that every school can masterfully teach to knowledge-hungry students. To get a sound grasp on the art of doing business, an entrepreneur-to-be needs to study at an institution powered by the faculty’s refined proficiency and practical skill. In this regard, we have handpicked the top innovative schools boasting the best studying technologies and a teaching staff with unparalleled acumen.

1. Yale School of Management

A graduate business school of one of the world’s most prestigious universities that belongs to the elite Ivy League, Yale School of Management is the best bet for students looking for high-quality education in business. Among the leading  disciplines that its rich curriculum embraces, there are behavioral economics, operations management, entrepreneurship, and others. The Yale School of Management is recognized as one of the most reputable and advanced educational institutions providing an MBA degree.

2. Stanford School of Business

Founded in 1925, this legendary business school offers students the widest range of disciplines on marketing and management, luring people from across the United States and overseas to become part of its cutting-edge educational culture. Aside from the traditional MBA program, Stanford GSP provides the MSx program, along with a highly customized experience featuring a broad choice of course subjects.

3. Harvard Business School

Most education-hungry students all over the world stand in awe upon hearing about this high-profile institution. It’s the veritable pride of the Land of Freedom, with its educational sector presenting this university as the benchmark of US academic culture. Harvard Business School is unwavering in its grand popularity among people related to the academic realm. HBS offers an abundance of executive education programs, focusing on its innovative management related courses.

4. University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Credited with giving a large number of Nobel laureates to the academic world, Chicago Booth is the second oldest business school in the US. This renowned institution covers an extensive spectrum of unique educational programs and centers its research on quantitative marketing, accounting, and finance. Chicago Booth comprises a great number of research centers, where it carries out colossal investigations.

5. Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania

Established in 1881, this educational institution is the oldest collegiate school of business in the world. The Wharton School is acknowledged to be the school that has produced the biggest number of US billionaires, including remarkable personalities such as Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Leonard Lauder, and Kunal Bahl. This notable institution was the cradle for many other iconic figures who changed the world for the better.

6. Sloan College of Management of Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is attributed with shaping the eminent personalities of many of the world’s renowned figures, namely Ben Bernanke, a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, Olexander Smakula, an extraordinary Ukrainian-born physicist, and many other influential people. And the institution’s famous Sloan College of Management is another highlight if its exceptional reputability. The degree programs MIT Sloan features are listed among the most selective in the world, while its MBA program is considered to be one of the most competitive in the academic realm. This school is also widely recognized for a number of revolutionary ideas that were conceived by the talented students within its walls.

7. Berkeley Haas of the University of California

This renowned educational institution provides a full-fledged MBA program to students and is lauded for its remarkable faculty consisting of qualified and success-driven members. Founded in 1898, this business school established itself as an abode of scientific knowledge and academic competence. Its MBA program offers students a two-year curriculum preparing them for business excellence. The Berkeley Haas MBA program is ranked 7th in the global ranking developed by the Economist. According to the many testimonials provided by its alumni, the experience they received at the Haas School of Business laid the solid foundations for their remarkable accomplishments in business.

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