Compact Deep Cleaner
PetSmart has more than Shopping Online – such as a ton of valuable information  for the happy pet owner.  What I found was very beneficial and comforting to read knowing I would find all my pet needs in just one location.  Being a parent, a wife and, pet owner while trying to find a balance with my work can sometimes be very demanding and equally stressing.  What I like about PetSmart, the most,  is:

  • Shop Online
  • Services
  • Separate tabs for every pet (so easy to navigate)
  • SALE tab !

Compact Deep Cleaner

PetSmart has sent me Yikes! Compact Deep Cleaner – Pawsitively Clean made by BISSELL  for a review.  The box was received “very” well packaged.  I checked for the parts and nothing was missing.  The assembly was faster than I ever imagined and now I had to use it but… I had vacuumed earlier prior to receiving the Compact Deep Cleaner.

I love my pets dearly but sometimes, I just want to scream! Cleaning up after them is not always a picnic at the park.  But all that is passé now since I tried it on just about every area where my cats and dog  sleep on.

Seriously, I could not believe my eyes.  Yikes! a Compact Deep Cleaner came out victorious as it picked up so much dirt that I never thought existed.  My eyes had accustomed themselves to the dullness of the furniture.  Today, the couch looks new, the dining room chairs are immaculate while the little carpet in front of the door which I vacuum daily showed me its real colors from a dull caramel on grey/black to a wonderful beige on black – check out the big ball of hair on the carpet .  Wow!  The brushes have been able to penetrate deeper than my vacuum alone could ever do.  I already see how I will be saving time and money with Yikes! Compact Deep Cleaner.

As for the time it took – I timed myself and believe me I was finished in less than 20 minutes leaving the rooms with a nice fresh scent that lasted for days.  The couch, chairs and small carpet dried within 2 hours – it’s magical.

  • Easy assembly
  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance and care
  • Consumer Services
  • Accessories
  • Warranty
  • And it WORKS!!
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