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To say our family trips and holidays are well documented would be an understatement. My kids are incredibly photogenic, and I’m slightly camera happy. However, what happens once the pictures are taken and the videos are shot? A few candid moments are uploaded to Facebook for relatives to “ooh and ahh” over but for the most part these memories remain digitized – nothing ever really gets done with them.

What would happen if these memories could be turned into a story? The Vacation of a Lifetime. A Christmas to Remember. With the new BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry rolled out Story Maker. With it I can create a seemingly professional movie with just a few easy steps. All you need to do is open the Story Maker and choose the photos and videos you want to use. You can even choose from preloaded songs or music on you already have on your phone for the background music. You can even personalize the movie Titles, Dates and Credits – so later on down the line, you don’t have to debate if that was spring break ’08 or ’09.  After you have finished the personalization  it is time to preview. Here you add or substract content, change the order of photos and videos, and even edit specific items! You can also apply a theme to the story. Finally, when you are satisfied that you have told the perfect story, you can share it right to Facebook or Twitter to share with your family or friends.

Pictures and videos no longer need to get lost in the data of your phone. Plus, by grouping all the pictures and videos together you will not have to wonder where the photo or video was taken. Don’t you think it would be nice to watch the videos to relive the memories. When your kids are graduating college or from high school, these stories will be perfect for sharing their accomplishments, sports seasons, big moments and school careers at their graduation celebrations.