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Using The Time Shift Camera Photos – Editing Effects On The BlackBerry Z10 #VZWA

When my babies were first born I took pictures of them on a nearly daily basis. However, as they continued to grow and thus became more mobile, pictures came less and less frequently. It wasn’t for lack of trying – believe me I tried. It was a combination of not always having my camera on hand and phone cameras not quite able to keep up with active little bodies. I have a new found respect for photographers of children.  I can’t tell you how many moments I’ve captured that were just slightly off focus, contained a blurry limb or closed eyes. You know what they say almost only counts in horseshoes.

While cell phone cameras have come a long way, the camera on the BlackBerry Z10 just blew everyone out of the water. Never again will I almost capture the moment. To begin with it has a front and rear facing camera and 3 shooting modes including normal, stabilization, and burst(which captures multiple pictures at once). It then has 5 scenes: Auto, Action, Whiteboard, Night, Beach/ Snow. As a matter of fact, we were just given a Verizon Voices #VZWA mission to get the perfect holiday shot on 4th of July. I just might have the advantage with the BlackBerry Z10!

The Time Shift mode has made the BlackBerry Z10 invaluable. By clicking the time shift icon  the camera captures milliseconds before and after the photo is taken. By clicking the faces in the photos, and then moving the dial to progress along the timeline I can create the perfect photo. This means no more pictures with one person smiling and the other frowning. No more pictures with closed or droopy eyes. In addition, the scene selection is still available during Time Shift mode to further perfect the perfect shot.

The BlackBerry Z10 offers four ways to edit pictures including transform, enhance (to color correct or adjust sharpness ext), add artistic filters, and finally add effects and borders to my pictures. It adds the finishing touch before I share them right to facebook or twitter. Now that I can capture the perfect shot every time I’ll be right back to being “that mom” nagging the boys for just one more picture!


  1. I am more and more impressed with the Blackberry phone camera with each post I see of yours! The fireworks really got me interested, but knowing that I can capture my crazy fast kid in motion clinches it!

  2. I love being able to take pictures with my cell phone. But you are right, they still lack. I would love to try out a blackberry and see the difference I how they capture my kids in action. It seems to be the only camera I keep on hand all the time. This one looks amazing!

  3. I am totally ‘that mom’ that is always behind the camera… love the options that this offers… thanks so much

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