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Guest Post | Blogging Tips | An Introduction to Triberr #savvyblogging

Thank you so much to Darcy from Tales From the Nursery for agreeing to post this awesome tutorial on my blog. Please go follow her GFC in appreciation of her great tips!

If you blog, you know it’s important to build an audience. Unless, of course, you don’t want anyone to read what you have to say. However, I have yet to meet a blogger that doesn’t want others to read their posts and comment on them! It can be hard work to spread our message everyday. It’s awesome when we help each other out by sharing posts we like with our readers. But, alas, I don’t have enough time in the day to read everyone I like as often as I’d like!

One way to send our message out to the masses is by utilizing social media, like Twitter. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s engaging. Do you get all warm and fuzzy inside when someone retweets you – someone you didn’t ask to or don’t know? Yeah, me too.

Well, what if I shared with you a new program (a new community!) that can help automate the process of people sharing your blog posts on Twitter? It can help you reach thousands of followers each day with little management on your part. Oh, and it’s free!

What Is Triberr?

Triberr is actually a complex system, but can be used very simply. I’m only able to give you an overview in today’s post because there is just too much I could talk about with it. Basically, Triberr is a way for you to build a tweeting community called tribes. It is by invitation only. People already in a tribe cannot accept another invitation at this time.

Everyone in the tribe automatically tweets everyone else’s blog posts (1-2 posts a day). You will get @ mentions each time, since your tribe members’ tweets will contain your post title, URL, and end with “via @username.” You spread the post love for your tribe members to your Twitter followers and they all do it for you too.

How Does Triberr Work?

You get invited into a tribe, approve the application for your Twitter account, and add your blog’s RSS feed URL. Doing those simple steps and you are set! Of course, you want more though! (But you could stop there and still see benefits!)

You automatically are the chief of three more tribes in which you can invite six more people per tribe. This is how you invite more people in and grow your community. If you fill all your tribes, you can have 24 different people tweeting your blog post everyday!

To keep from overwhelming followers, it is only tweeting out one or two blog posts a day. If you want to make sure a certain post gets tweeted, make it your first post of the day! Within a few hours, you will see it going out by your tribe members.

How Can Triberr Help My Blog?

It gives you reach that is hard to achieve alone. Triberr automates the post tweeting so we can spend more time on our content and less time asking people to retweet us. It schedules the tweets, so they are supposed to be spaced out throughout the day. I have reach of over 36,000! Granted, some of our followers overlap, but maybe they didn’t see my post tweet in the morning and now they see you tweet it for me in the afternoon.

I get a lot of traffic from Twitter. In fact, it’s always in my top ten traffic sources. Now, my voice is amplified!

Points to Remember:

  • It’s free
  • You want to connect with similar blog types
  • You can only invite a NEW person at this time
  • It’s still in beta – it will have issues that are being addressed, but we’re in at the beginning!

Have any questions? Please leave them in the comments. I will continue to work on posting Triberr Tutorials as I can, but it helps to know what you want more information and clarity on.

Now are you ready to join one of our tribes? You can tweet at Darcy @syrana or me @makobiscribe or you can email me jennifer@makobiscribe.com and request an invite with your twitter name. Only ask one of us though because you can only be in one tribe or the other. If you ask us both and we both invite you, a spot will be taken from another.

About this guest poster: Darcy is a married, stay-at-home mother of an entertaining baby girl. Darcy is blogging and tweeting her way through first time motherhood. You can connect with her at , Twitter, and Facebook.


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