De WafelbakkersSaturday morning, Makobi Scribe, Simply Stacie and Little YaYas hid behind our pancakes at the De Wafelbakkers premier of “Pancake Hoarders.” We got to sample pancakes, be interviewed by @pancakedaddy, and pose for a few pics on the red carpet premiere! pancake daddy interview


Here we are with Sassy Mama in LA talking about the new name Yoli came up with hummmberry! (She had a mouthful during the interview) Check out all the pics on their Facebook page from the premier, BSMB is in about 8-10 of them! I had to drink about 7 cups of coffee to run with the big dogs.BrawnyBy this picture, down at the Expo, I had had my coffee and was feeling super cool and fab. They said make a “cool” pose! We saw so many demonstrations of new products and Brawny was one of my favorites. Mostly because Brian the Brawny guy accused me of not paying attention because I was tweeting trying to win a year’s supply of Brawny. Having twitter and a device to tweet from is a must! Most of the vendors in the Expo had contests running to where you could win prizes by tweeting or dropping your business cards.Tmobile


I don’t ever think I have had my picture taken so many times. At the T-mobile booth, Jamie’s Precious Peas and I are both wearing Tea Collection dresses in different colors and  a different style. I am wearing the dress as a tunic with a skinny pant and Jamie is wearing hers as a dress with a belt. I love Tea Collection and I dress my kids in their newest styles. You can win $100 from them on my Back-to-school giveaway to spend on the kids or yourself! The pants were snug but comfy like a skinny jean should be, and I believe they even magically made me look skinny! The tunic/dress fit me perfect and was really comfortable and lightweight enabling me to continue my “big dog” run!funnyFunny right? Makobi Scribe, Little YaYas and Sassy Mama in LA! The screen told us to make certain faces we are not crazy! Well, maybe. This was our evening party at YOU-Phoria where I got a chair massage, made my own perfume, and tweeted to win tons of prizes! I actually won a Simon Bracelet! Thank you Itemize! After this party, I was dog-tired and went to SLEEP! What is really funny is that this party was Friday! See BlogHer was such a whirlwind of fun and entertainment I forgot what day was what! Stay tuned for my Summary post with my actual schedule in the next few days!




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