Blooming Bath for Babies

Blooming Bath for babies is a great alternative to the big plastic bathing tubs!  I used the large cumbersome plastic baby baths with both my kids.  They worked great but I felt like I was constantly cleaning them and storage was impossible.  I ended up just sitting the large bulky bath in the tub taking up a ton of space and making it impossible to shower!  When we traveled out of town or to other peoples houses, we either had to transport the large tub with us or just make do with what we had.  This made for many difficult baths!  I wish I had the Blooming Bath around when my kids were babies!  I could have brought the Blooming Bath with me anywhere for an easy, safe and comfortable bath for my babies!

Portable Baby Tub

The Blooming Bath is the best portable baby tub on the market!  The Blooming Bath is a flower shaped bath pillow that can be used to create a safe bathing environment for baby in any shaped sink.  Just place the Blooming Bath pillow in the sink and the flower petals cushion the edges of the sink.  The baby sits right in the middle of the flower.  It creates soft cushion for baby that helps to support their little bodies.  I was able to try my Hot Pink Blooming Bath today kind of unexpectedly!  My friend Kelly was over visiting with her 4 week old baby named Brooklyn.  After some lunch and a great nap, we noticed Brooklyn had quite a blow out!  We got her undressed and realized that she needed a quick bath!  I knew the Blooming Bath would be the perfect solution.  We set the Blooming Bath up in my guest bathroom sink and we were able to give her a bath in a matter of minutes!  Brooklyn is only 7 lbs and the Blooming Bath created a safe and supportive environment for her bath so Kelly was able to easy bath her, all while keeping an eye on her 22 month old!  The Blooming Bath is made from soft lush materials with a antimicrobial foam insert.  When I saw what a soft cushiony material the Blooming Bath was made from, I was skeptical on how well this would dry.  It was easy to wring out and dried within minutes in the dryer.  There is also a small loop of fabric on the back if you want to air dry.  The Blooming Bath is a must have for all parents!!  The Blooming Bath comes in Hot Pink, Canary Yellow or Turquoise for $40.00.  There is also a Bathing Kit that comes with a Blooming Bath and features Burt’s Bees products for $70.00.  You also have the option of purchasing color coordinating washclothes for $10.00.  Keep the Blooming Bath in mind for your next parent-to-be!

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