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Path to a Healthy Lifestyle

Several months ago I started a regular exercise routine again since I wanted to get on a path to a healthy lifestyle again.  Honestly it had been way too long since I had exercised on a regular basis and I was seriously out of shape.  When I started exercising again I started off with meeting with a personal trainer once a week, besides coming there on my own several times a week.  Due to some other underlying factors, I was having a hard time building muscle so the personal trainer recommended I start supplementing my workouts with protein.  I went one step further and started the 30 day Fit Challenge by Body by Vi.

The company behind Body by Vi is ViSalus that is headquartered in Greenwich, CT.  They are a direct sales company that focuses on health and wellness and are a part of the Blyth Company.  The name “ViSalus” represents their three primary missions of life, health and prosperity.

The Body by Vi Fit Kit contains products that increase energy, nourish the body with protein, antioxidants and, prebiotics, and which promote svelte muscle mass.  It does this through a nutritional supplement called ViSalus Go, a powdered energy drink call ViSalus Pro, a mini meal called Nutra-Cookie, and a shake mix call V-Shape.  Also included in the kit are flavor mix-ins for the shake mix. They offer five tasty flavors that are: Strawberry Phyto Power, Banana Energy Charge, Peach Complexion Mix, Orange Everyday Defense and Chocolate Cardia Care.  The flavors themselves are sugar free; super concentrated and are packed with nourishing vitamins and extracts.  They are a great addition to cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, and more.

The Body by Vi Fit Kit is sold on the ViSalus products website.  Besides the Fit Kit, they also offer kits for maximum weight loss, body conditioning, slim down and shape up and getting healthy.  Each kit comes with its own unique products so you receive maximum benefits.  With any of the kits, you are able to purchase more products separately, but purchasing the kits are more cost effective.  The kits are all designed to save money since most of them contain two meals per day.

Benefits to Exercising Regularly

I love feeling healthy, and I can definitely see the benefits to exercising regularly again.  It gives my so much more energy and self-confidence, not to mention the toning that is taking place in my thighs, hips, waist and chest.  Check out Body by Vi today so you can start your path to a healthier lifestyle today! You can also connect with Melody the Body By Vi rep on Facebook. Interested? She wants you to know about the 3 for free. You can get your product free (just pay shipping) if you get 3 people to join you in the challenge (they have to get the same or higher kit.) Melody is giving  away a full-sized pack of the Body By Vi shake in the Body by Vi Sweepstakes.

Body by Vi Sweepstakes

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  1. I sur eam trying to both lose weight and get in shape started the healthy eating, enrolled in aqua zumba and ride my stationary bike as next year I am the huge 60 and want to enjoy it

  2. Transformation kit!! I need a life change in my eating. A few years ago I did OptiFast and lost over 100 lbs. It was all liquid no food. It really worked. Did great maintaining until I got pregnant. Now I need to do something on the same idea, it I believe I will not be around much longer. I just can’t afford it because my husband just lost his job. Any suggestions?

  3. I would love to try the Body By Vi Core Kit. – I am especially interested in the NEURO® Smart Energy drink mix

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