When you go out to pick up a new couch, you have to start by deciding what type of fabric you want. There are three main types on the market right now, all of which have their own pros and cons. These are leather, cloth, and pleather. It is a good idea to do your research before you get in the store so that you can start out with a basis of real knowledge; this way, a salesman will not talk you into something that you really do not want to buy. Figure out what is right for you and then go find a couch that you love in terms of the aesthetics and in terms of how comfortable it feels.

The most expensive option is leather. In some cases, a good leather couch could cost you twice as much, if not more, as a cloth couch. However, that is the only downside that you can find. Leather is incredibly comfortable, especially on a hot summer day, when it will still be cool and enjoyable. It is tough and durable, and it should last you for years. To top it all off, the leather is very classy. Just adding the couch to a room will add a lot of elegance and style, which you will love.

Generally speaking, pleather is imitation leather. The way that it is made varies depending on the company that makes it. Some companies will take leather fabric and bind it with other materials, creating a new fabric. The base is still leather and the look is virtually the same, though you may think it looks a bit more shiny. It also tends to be rather slippery. However, most people, when asked, cannot tell the difference between the two. Go to the store and ask the salesperson to let you sit on a leather couch and a pleather couch without telling you which one is which. Then, guess to see if you can tell. If you can, go with leather so that you will always be happy with it. If you cannot tell, though, go with pleather since it is about half the price.

The most common material for a couch is simply cloth. It does not scratch like leather, so it can look new for longer. It is sometimes harder to clean, depending on the type of cloth that you get, since the stain can actually get down into the fabric; with leather, water sits on the surface and can be wiped up. Like pleather, though, cloth costs about half of what leather does. It also comes in far more colours and styles than leather. Cloth does not get nearly as cold in the winter, when the temperature in your home drops, so you might think it is more comfortable. It also has a casual appearance, which can be nice if you do not want a home that feels overly formal to your guests.

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