Books For Memory Improvement

Richard Restak  has possibly presented us with a real accomplishment.  In this book, what a reader will find are ways to build a memory, the fun way. I enjoy the puzzles and problem solving very much but never knew how good they were for me until I read this book. Memorizing names and faces something I always have a problem with – I remember the face but can not remember the name.  Or, I do remember the name but the person is not in front of me. This enigma falls into the long term memory and is one of the best choices for Books For Memory Improvement.

  • The Mirror Writing (Motor Skills) is really interesting.  It seems easy at first  until  I wrote my first name with my left hand and my last name with my right hand…  needs improvement which can be achieved with lots of practice (in my case).
  • Visual Thinking, Memory is a puzzle that strengthens your ability to notice and recall visual detail… such as:  how many sides to a stop sign?  How many stars and stripes on the American flag? The details of the Apple Inc. logo?
  • Pentominoes (Spatial Thinking) how to strengthen abilities to manipulate shapes in your imagination.
  • Mathematical Thinking – lots to do here!
  • Word Thinking – Illusions – Creativity

I had an occasion to try the Clap Your Name (Listening) game at my niece’s birthday – They all enjoyed it very much – lots of fun there.

There is much more and yes, already, the results are visible.  I learned to focus and then take action on just about any problem solving area.  So many times, I have misplaced keys, wallet, and documents only because I never focused on the location.  Reading this book while putting some mental exercises into practice has already made me able to get organized a little faster with very little stress as most people can relate to when balancing career, family and time for “yourself”. The book retails for $16.00 US or $17.00 CAN

Also, I would like to thank Heidi Ritcher, Senior Publicist of the Penguin Group USA for giving me the opportunity to review an amazing book.  As I sometimes say, “when looking at the world, never see what it can do for you  instead what I can do for the world” and Richard Restak, M.D. has done exactly that.