Hydro Throw
We are slowly seeing some nicer weather, although it was 61 yesterday and in the 30’s today! On the rare days we have been able to enjoy warmer weather  the kids have been looking for some fun things to do. As they have outgrown their bikes and scooters, we do not have many things they can go outside and play with. One thing I must keep in mind when we are looking for outdoor toys is the neighbors are really close to us and I prefer not to have broken windows to come between us. I was recently sent two really fun toys for the kids from a great company by the name of COOP-Sports. This company has gotten a huge advantage over other companies in the industry for their innovative materials they make their products from.

Fun Outdoor Games For Kids

Fun Outdoor Games For Kids

Because I need to be mindful of the type of toys we let the kids play with outdoors, I can sometimes get stumped! We cannot play baseball, Frisbee or soccer because trust me, inevitably, my kids will find something to break! When I saw the toys from COOP-Sports, I knew they would be perfect for us. The products from COOP-Sports are made from neoprene, which is what wet suits are made from. This tough yet forgiving fabric lends a softness to equipment that would otherwise be a potential menace. You can play with the COOP-Sports toys in the backyard, the pool, the beach, the playground or in the local community center.

I love how versatile these toys are as well as how kid friendly they are. We received two toys, the COOP Nalu Paddle Ball and the COOP Hydro Catch. The Nalu Paddle Ball comes with two nicely made wooden paddles that are a bit over sized  have a comfortable grip and a ball. I really like that the paddles are not those cheap little thin paddles you find at the store. The kids really had a lot of fun playing with this and when we had some friends over, it was very popular. Ironically, the day we took these pictures, it snowed unexpectedly, so we moved the game into the house! I really like the COOP Hydro Catch because everyone can play and the round mitts fit nicely with any size hand. The game is simple with the hook and loop fabric on the mitt holds on to the ball when it is caught. You can easily play this game in or out of the water and it keeps the kids occupied for a long time. I appreciate how well made these toys are because my kids can be rough on their things and I have had my share of toys that broke within minutes of playing. You can purchase the The COOP Nalu Paddle Ball for $14.99 and the COOP Hydro Catch $9.99 online at Amazon.

One USA Only reader will win one Nalu Paddle Ball game ($14.99) and one COOP Hydro Catch ($9.99)


  1. We spend a lot time in the pool and Hydro Skip ‘N Splash Balls would be great fun…thank you

  2. I like the Nalu Paddle Ball game. I have a boy and a girl grandchildren and it would be perfect for either one to play with with their friends or with each other.

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