#BounceBack While You Transition From Summer To Fall

I am part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network and was compensated for writing this post but all opinions are 100% my own. Does it seem to you the kids start to count down the days to summer in January? While they are eagerly awaiting that final bell ring, we are desperately trying to fill their summer with activities to keep them busy. While many kids go to a day camp while their parents work, other will go to church or sleep away camp, take art classes or learn to ride a horse. Other kids will be riding their scooters, bikes and skates around the neighborhood. Many parents will be buying a pool or a trampoline to keep the kids occupied. The one thing these things all have in common in an increased amount of dirty laundry there seems to be. We have a creek in our yard, a pool, a trampoline and a dead end street for the kids to ride on. I have a container on the deck for their shoes and another for their towels, socks, and other things they can take off outside. I probably do at least 2 loads of laundry per day during the summer, if not more. Now we are bouncing back  from the end of summer and are transitioning into Fall and getting back to school. With Bounce Fresh, they make that easier for me.
Transition From Summer To Fall

Transition From Summer To Fall

The Bounce Fresh products are made by the P&G Company who cater to almost 5 billion customers with 50 trusted brands. These brands, like Bounce Fresh, are among the most well known brands in many households. Their goal is to provide the best products that are made from the most superior materials found worldwide. You may be familiar with the Bounce dryer sheets, developed in the 1970’s, which now come in 7 amazing scents. These powerful little guys are twice as effective as other brands, softening and freshening, while providing static control and lint and hair repellency. Bounce dryer sheets can be found at all major retailers for a suggested retail price of $4.89-5.99 for a 150-count box. Did you know there were other products in the Bounce line that people are using in their quest to #BounceBack from summer as well as the rest of the year? One of the newer products that is very popular, including in my home, is the Bounce Dryer Bar. This innovative product, which comes in 3 varieties,  attaches to the inside of your dryer and lasts for months. You can also find the new Bounce Lint and Freshness Rollers and the Bounce Ironing Spray to help you #BounceBack from outside the dryer. All these products are made with you in mind to make your life easier. I use a Bounce sheet under the seats in the car. I also have one in Caitlin’s gym bag so she is not walking around school all day with a stinky bag! “Keep Bounce out of the reach of children and pets. Hang the sheet freely or place in an open envelope to avoid direct contact with fabrics.”

I feel for my kids as they transition from summer to fall because it is tough. They have gone from staying up late and sleeping all morning to the complete opposite. Instead of spending all day actively playing in the yard, at the park or at summer camp, they are sitting in a classroom for most of their day. I try to make the change as easy o them as I can by slowly changing their routines and schedules. This will make the moving from the freedom of summer to the constraints of fall a little less stressful. How does your family bounce back from this transition period? The folks at Bounce would love to see your Vine videos and stories on how you and our family have bounced back from summer or another hiccup in your life. I would love to hear about your stories in the comment section of the blog so we can all share and relate to one another’s stories. Be sure to keep up with Bounce on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. We have bounced back from a relaxing summer to the full swing of the school year, but are enjoying the activities.

  2. There was a stretch where I couldn’t find a full time job. I was feeling overwhelmed, but I decided to hit the reset button and spend an entire monday and tuesday handing out my resume in potential job openings, which paid off.

  3. I’ve been a mother since I was 15 (now 30) but luckily I’ve been married tomy hubby through the whole young mother process & just celebrated our 15th anniversary! I also got arthritis all over my entire body at 24 & it was certainly something I had to bounce back from but doing much better now! Thank you!

  4. I bounced back from a year in which I got divorced (leaving me on my own with three kids, two of whom are autistic) followed by having my house foreclosed on – six years later, I’m happily remarried, have a fourth child, and my husband and I recently bought a house!

  5. I was incredibly discouraged about my job prospects a few years ago. I looked and looked but never got a call back. Finally, I pulled all my strength together and applied to Graduate School. After 2 years, I completed my Masters degree and now I have an amazing job with an amazing family!:)

  6. I lost a ton of weight and had a hot super model body by eating clean and working out!

    But I bounced back from that quite quickly; i’m sure you don’t want to hear how I gained all my weight back because it’s a bit cliche but yes, that is the best bounce back story of my life and it just happens so fast too! 🙂

  7. I bounced back after being laid off for a year by taking a more stressful job with less money but am so grateful to just be working.

  8. I have bounced back (only with my good Lord’s grace) from losing a child with leukemia. It was 22 years ago.

  9. I went into hospital on 9-17-13 for an infection. in my blood. Since then, I spent almost 4 weeks in a Rehab. facility on anti biotic therapy. I. came home Tuesday. Each day I’ M getting a little better.

  10. I bounce back everyday from having a STRESSFUL job and being the Mom of 2 teenagers. They make my life a little stressful but totally worth it ♥

  11. I bounced back with my family and got through some hard times with health issue with the spouse and financial issues by sticking together and doing what we needed to.

  12. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in the spring of 2012 and after 5 months of 3 different antibiotics it was the worst summer of my life I could not go out in the sun for more than 10 minutes without burning to a crisp because of the meds…Let me tell you I made up for that by swimming my a$$ off this year..I was always in the pool and looked as wrinkly as a california raisin 🙂

  13. I bounced back from some family tragedy by focusing on the good things that happen each day…and have made that recognition part of my daily life.

  14. I bounced back from many money and health issues in the past 3 months! going strong now, and always will be!

  15. I have been working on bouncing back from my divorce. I was left with 3 kids and a mound of debt. I had to budget very closely, cut back on a lot of things, and now I am finally almost out of debt.

  16. I am bouncing back from the government shutdown which really hit hard. I am bouncing back by going day by day and hoping that things will get better.

  17. I bounced back from breaking up after a long relationship and found out how truly independent I really am.

  18. I’ve bounced back from having the bank I worked for shut down by FDIC and then a new bank taking over…some co-workers were not retained (we were all on pins and needles for a few weeks until we knew if we had a job).

  19. I bounced back from infertility issues for 16 years by adopting a little boy and then God blessing me with 2 more babies after adopting!

  20. I bounced back living off one income. My husband lost his job & it felt like the ceiling was going to cave in. I was only working part time at the time. I talked to my boss & cross trained in a different position. Now I am more valuable at my company being able to bounce back & forth between positions. I still didn’t think it would be enough extra hours but I didn’t take into consideration how many people would call off or go on vacation which has yielded me enough to support my family.

  21. We bounced back from almost losing our home. After talking with the mortgage company for weeks we were able to work something out and our current now on our home.

  22. I have bounced back from feeling like I can’t help out my family while I wait for a disability hearing. I have dedicated time to enter sweeps, and the occasional win is helping with the household essentials.

  23. I am in the process of bouncing back from getting a different job that requires me to be gone a lot more so I was trying to figure out a routine for the job and my kids and family and the house cleaning but it seems to be coming together

  24. We bounced back from my youngest son being diagnosed with CDH early in my pregnancy . It was a scary time but we bounced back by surrounding ourselves with people that care, trusting the amazing doctors at the children’s hospital, and believing in our sons strength. Its a few years later now and he’s healthy, active, and creating tons of dirty clothes for me to wash like any other little boy! 🙂

  25. I have bounced back after being told that I have a limited amount of time to live by doctors on three separate occasions. But by the grace of God I am still here and doing better than ever.


  26. I have done through health issues and I bounced back by surrounding myself with people that supported me and were positive.

  27. I bounced back from (I think) from having 106 degree fever for 7 days. I’m not sure the ball bounces quite as high, but I’m thankful to be here.

  28. I bounced back from being unemployed and away from the family. I now try to focus on things that makes me feel better by just helping other people

  29. I bounced back from a divorce, moving to a new home, kids adjusting to the changes, but life is so much better!

  30. I have bounced back from a number of losses close to me- beginning with the loss of my daughter. I take it a day at a time and remind myself I am doing the best I can.

  31. I bounced back from my Dad passing away 5 weeks ago and then my Mom going in the hospital a week later and finally came home today!!!

  32. Our family bounced back into school from summer vacation. It was a very difficult transition for us, with 4 kids, but we made bedtime earlier, created homework time, and have earlier dinners so they can get their homework done more easily.

  33. i have bounced back from deployments and separations being a military family as my this is the only life i know my father was in the army , my husband as well and now my son in the air force

  34. my dad died almost 2 years ago. that took a lot of work, and i am not there yet, but i prayed and spent more time with the rest of my family. that is how i bounced back.
    thanks for the chance to win.

  35. I bounced. back from a serious back injury and surgery, and got my promotion within 6 months of returning to work.

  36. I bounced back from losing my childhood dog, a chocolate lab. She passed away from cancer and it was so hard on the family. My family got me through it with the strength they gave.

  37. I have bounced back from loosing my sister. It was hard, but talking about it was the best thing that helped!!

  38. That for sharing your busy life with me. I have 4 kids and know what it means to be busy. We don’t let the little things get us down. “Bouncing Back” is such an important skill to learn if you want to be happy in life. Thanks for your post.

  39. I bounced back from a nasty divorce and custody battle, because of someone who supported and loved me throughout t.

  40. I bounced back from gaining weight by cutting portion sizes,eliminating snacks,and exercising 6-7 days a week.

  41. I had to bounce back from a divorce from my kids’ dad. I was suddenly a single mom with 3 kids. I focused on myseld and my kids and did the best I could day to day.

  42. I’ve bounced back from 3 csections by following dr’s orders and taking it easy.. or as easy as possible

  43. Two broken arms and a crushed spine… Well, honestly, I didn’t have a choice.. 🙂 Just learned to deal with it.

  44. I bounced back from bankruptcy we lost everything. Now we own are home free and clear and have no debt. We had too learn about saving working hard and living within your means. Forget keeping up with the jones.

  45. I bounced back from an apt. fire, that I had lost everything I owned. It was tough, but I just kept a positive attitude, and kept on going…

  46. This past summer, I bounced back from having a baby. I came home 4 hours after having my daughter (by my choice) so I wouldn’t have to leave my toddler son. The next morning I was up cleaning the house before all the visitors started to arrive and haven’t looked back. It’s took awhile to get used to having 2 little ones but I love it!

  47. A painting I thought I had ruined, when it was looking terrible I just kept at it, and finally it actually ended up looking better than I thought it would to begin with. I was ready to just trash it but I stayed with it and ended up with something wonderful!

  48. Me & the kids bounce back every time my husband gets deployed. We each pick up the slack & help with daddy’s chores. Then we have to bounce back again once he gets home, but that is always easier!

  49. Hmmm…bouncing back. The first thing that comes to my mind & this isn’t a major ‘bounce-back’ like Mya’s, is the ‘Falling Back’ and “Spring Forward’. I hate the time change! I wish it was left on Daylight Savings Time and called Standard Time. Some states are lucky, they don’t observe the time change. I think most everyone agrees, wether young or older, trying to adjust or ‘bounce back’ from the time change can be difficult! One option is to rally for No Time Change, i.e. like a petition on a well known web site is a good place to start.
    In the meantime, what I try to do: first, I make sure I have reminders everywhere of the upcoming time change. I try to make sure we don’t have anything major scheduled during that weekend. Making sure I get extra rest(I really have to push myself on this one!) I just try to keep it simple for the most part.

  50. I bounced back from an abusive relationship, kicked him to the curb and stayed single and loving life now!!

  51. I am still bouncing back from a back injury. I am going to physical therapy twice a week and doing my exercises at home.

  52. I bounced back by getting up earlier and going to bed earlier. I get much more done since I’m evidently a morning person!

  53. Bouncing back from summer is always hard!! I’m worried about our bounce back after our 10 day vacation coming up. We’re taking my son’s entire fall break to go to Disney! Yeah, it going to be so hard to come back and have to go to school the next day because we are just going to want to keep on playing!! 😉

  54. I think I have a harder time bouncing back into the school year than my son does! I have to juggle driving him and several friends to and from school, my work time, dinners, etc. I miss summer! 🙂

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