Breast Feeding Accessories

Breast Feeding Accessories

If you are a new mom who is nursing her baby, you may need breast feeding accessories.  When I first started breast feeding, not only was I clueless about how to properly nurse my baby, but no one explained I would need certain items to assist me with nursing.  One of the reasons I wanted to breast feed was the bonding time you get with your baby as well as the health benefits but I also did it to save money.  Due to a medical condition, both of my girls had to be bottle fed, and I was so sad that I missed out on the nursing experience.  What added to my misery was the advice several friends gave me, which was really a thinly veiled “shame on you” lecture for not breast feeding.  When Henry was born, I was blessed to have a nurse who was patient and kind and worked tirelessly with me while I tried to get the hang of nursing.  My nurse told me  I would need a pump, pads, a good nursing bra and lanolin for successful nursing .

Lansinoh is a family owned company who offers you all the products you need for a positive nursing experience.  They offer incredibly high quality products to guide you in your breast feeding journey.  Lansinoh was started by a new mom with a need for pure lanolin cream that she just could not find.  With a heart for moms , both nursing or bottle fed, the Lansinoh products were made with ingredients that are gentle, chemical free and safe for your baby.  The Lansinoh line includes pumps, pads, creams, wipes, bottles, cups and more .  These products are made with the love, care and practicality moms need.  The experienced staff at Lansinoh can help you decide which bottle and nipple would be best for your baby, what breast pump fits your lifestyle best and many other issues new moms have.  The genuine love the support staff has for women is absolutely clear in their dedication to assist you during this special part of motherhood.

Back To Work When Breast Feeding

Many new nursing moms need to get back to work when breast feeding.  This can be a very emotional time for mom and baby and they may need support to make the transition easier.  It is tricky at first to get used to being away from the baby while you are nursing.  It took a while to get the pumping schedule down as well as introducing the bottle to the baby while you were apart.   The other issue is choosing the right bottle and nipple combination.  There are so many bottles it is confusing choosing the right ones for your baby.  What a relief to find a company who offers just the right bottle/nipple combo for your baby.  The Lansinoh company was generous enough to send me their diaper rash cream ($6.99), wipes ($3.99) and the mOmma bottle ($9.99).  These products are safe and gentle for your baby as well as your peace of mind.  My favorite item from Lansinoh is the unique mOmma bottle.  It is unlike any bottle I have seen on the market.  Its unique design makes it easy for the baby to hold, is BPA and leak free and it converts to a cup by simply changing out the nipple for the  No Spill or straw cup lids.  What a great system!

The Lansinoh company is offering one winner their choice of either one bottle (retailed at $9.99) or the diaper rash cream/wipes set (retailed at $10.98).

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