Brighten Your Space With Colorful Storage Boxes

Our family loves to play games, both the board and video variety. Henry is the gamer in the family and he has turned his room into a gamer’s haven. Caitlin and I are the board game enthusiasts and we will often sit on my bed and play Scrabble or Sorry. My husband works nights, so we do not get to hang out with him on family game night very often. When he does have a night free on the weekend, we will usually eat pizza and play games in the family room. As the kids game collection grows, the space is their rooms does not. We have just about run out of space for our games and I have been looking for some colorful storage boxes to put them in. Way Basics is one of my all time favorite companies that carries eco-friendly as well as design friendly storage solutions. Deborah, another favorite, emailed me recently to let me know she had some new products I might be interested in. Would I? Well, yes I would!

 Colorful Storage Boxes

I first met Deborah last year when we worked together on a review for a modular bookcase for Henry’s room, which you can read here. I love that the products from Way Basics are so well made but are also lightweight because they are made from pressed cardboard. We are still enjoying the bookcase in Henry’s room and I was more than happy to fit the new products into my home. The latest addition to the already large selection of storage options for the home, are storage bright boxes. When I saw the colorful storage boxes, I knew they would be perfect for the kids games.

The boxes are easy enough to assemble that Henry put them together for me (He is such an awesome helper!). All he had to do was fit the bottom, sides and then top together and add the door latch and we were set. It took him 10 minutes tops to put them both together. The boxes are 13″ all the way around, are lightweight and have a door for easy access. You can stack them vertically or spread them out horizontally. Each box sells for $25 and you can also purchase wheels which attach easily to the bottom if you need your boxes to be portable. The boxes come in 6 colors (orange, green, pink, yellow, blue and white) and are surprisingly sturdy considering they are made from cardboard! The kids love to tell people what the boxes are made of because they think that is just so cool! I love how easily they fit into the kids room and look great while they are serving an important purpose for us. Well, Deborah, you have done it again! My family has just fallen even more in love with Way Basics than we were before the boxes arrived!