Beautiful All Natural Wood Trays

I am a big nature lover and the family and I spend a lot of time in it. We live in beautiful Tennessee where there is so much beauty surrounding us. We have gorgeous parks, nature centers and the Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains are just a short drive away. One of our favorite places to spend a Sunday is in a tiny town north of us that is at the foot of the Smoky Mountains. There are creeks, rivers, and streams aplenty for us to splash in and search for tadpoles and other water critters. When we are hiking, there is always a moment when one of is wills top in front of a particularly beautiful tree and just stop and stare in awe. Trees are so majestic, filled with character and are very nice to sit under and relax when the sun gets too hot or bright. One of my favorite materials is wood and I have several pieces made from it in my home. A recent and joyful find of mine is Mansouri Design and their magnificent collection of  all natural wood trays and accessories for the home.

Beautiful All Natural Wood Trays

If there was one thing I love as much as nature and the beauty of it, it is finely crafted object from natural materials. I love the smooth and sleek lines of a gorgeous teak bowl or a butcher block carved from the finest maple. The simple yet elegant Matryoshka wooden tray set from Mansouri Design is exactly why I love their beautiful all natural wood trays. You can trace the lackadaisical lines of the wood over the trays that form such delightful patterns. The system of 4 trays take their design inspiration from the Matryoshka Russian Nesting Dolls. You know those little wooden dolls that fit one on top of another, on top of another, on top of another? Those little babushka covered ladies seem to go on forever!

I received this unusual and playful tray system, which is made from solid natural BC Fir. You can use these trays for so many uses, which makes them uber versatile. I actually broke them down into 4 different rooms of the house and they work just great. Caitlin has the larger try in her room for her hair supplies and I have the smallest in the bathroom for lotions, chapstick and other things I grab often. I have the 2nd largest tray in kitchen where I keep my Medifast Crunch Bars on and the other tray is in the living room where it holds our remotes when they are not in use. What could you use this set of 4 cleverly designed trays for? I bet you can think of a million things! You can purchase the tray set for $99.00, as well as the other beautiful accessories for your home from the Mansouri Design website.

One USA reader will win one Matryoshka wooden tray set from Mansouri Design ($99.00)


  1. My favorite product is the web-it i. It’s very neat & unique looking w/a great purpose – to hold to organize a bunch of miscellaneous items. I use colored pencils all the time & this would be great for holding the ones I’m using for a current project. I also like the idea of using it for makeup items. I’m using a bin that I have to dig through right now & all my favorite tend to sink to the bottom. I could use at least 2 of these!

  2. I always have so many odds and ends so i love different ways to organize and display them so my favorite product is the wooden trays

  3. I really like the Web-it I Mansouri Design modular system. It is so unique and could be used for many different things.

  4. I like the itray- its very unique. You see iPad accessories all the time, but Ive never seen one like this.

  5. My fav is web-it ii

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  6. I like the itray! Also I didn’t mean to pres the button for liking them on twitter. Please delete that entry. Thanks

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