Hand Crafted Ornaments | Bronners Christmas Wonderland Ginger Cottage Ornament

Every year at Christmas time I look for a special ornament for our tree, if you love hand crafted ornaments Bronners wooden Christmas ornament will not disappoint.  I browsed the thousands of ornaments Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland had to offer and fell in love with the collection of hand crafted wooden ornaments by Glenn A. Crider.  The ginger cottage line has a ginger man mill, gingerbread cottage, Christmas church, clock tower, sweet treats bakery and Santa’s workshop.  I was given the opportunity to review the Sweet Treats Bakery.  Each year my mom, myself and children have a cookie bake and we make dozens and dozens of cookies, fudge and chocolate covered creations.  So the Sweet Treats Bakery is going to be the perfect addition to our Christmas ornament collection.  The ornament is handcrafted and made in the USA by Glenn A. Crider who is considered one of the best Nutcracker and German crafts artisans we have in the United States.  The bakery is about 3 inches tall and is so beautiful.  The attention to every little detail is amazing from the brick chimney, shingled roof, snow drifts and gingerbread sign to the baked goods store front showcasing breads and cakes. At the bottom of the ornament there is a hole big enough for a standard mini bulb and therein lies a special surprise awaiting you.

Christmas Traditions for Kids

When I showed the ornament to my family everyone loved it and I know these Christmas traditions for kids will stay with them always.  This ornament will bring joy to our Christmas tree for years to come and then one day I will be able to pass it on to my children.  I would love to collect all the Ginger Cottages!  I will put that on my list to Santa.  You can purchase the Sweet Treats Bakery for $17.99.  Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland carries a full line of Christmas items including: trees, outdoor decor, stockings, hangers, collectibles, lights, nativity scenes, advent calendars and wreaths.  There is something for everyone no matter your theme.  Check them out on Facebook!

You can win your very own Ginger Cottage from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland on December 2 for Holiday Bliss.

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