Bubble Fun For Kids

What better way to battle boredom this spring than to have bubble fun for kids.  It doesn’t seem to matter what age you are, but when there are bubbles, there are smiles!  Things sure have changed since I was a kid back in the olden days.  We had bubbles that had the one top/bubble blower and with that we had hours of fun.  Have you seen how many choices there are for bubbles and bubble wands?  You get big, small, oval, round and many more.   What would be better is to have the bubbles and different bubble wands in one machine.  Oh…did you nod your head in agreement?  Well, read on as I have a treat for you.

Funrise Toys, the maker of the Gazillion Bubbles has developed so many cool options for your child’s bubble fun.  Starting with their unique lid which is perfect for small hands to bubble shooters, footballs and bubble helicopters.  Founded in 1987, Funrise has been an innovator of well-made and affordable toys.  Although their headquarters are in CA, they have offices throughout the US as well as Hong Kong and the UK.  The Funrise mission  is to manufacturing toys that kids will love at a price parents will love from a company that is an industry leader.  The newest addition to the Gazillion Bubbles family is the bubble cannon. Plus, now through July 20, 2012, you can submit your best Gazillion Bubbles photo for a chance to win a $1,000 Toys R’ Us gift card.
Bubble Fun

Bubble Making Machine

A while back we bought a bubble making machine for kids and it stunk!  The bubbles were inconsistent, the solution dripped everywhere and the thing broke down after about an hour.  The Gazillion Bubbles are a product I have used and liked very much.  We had purchased one of the sets and it lasted through the summer.  I was probably more excited about reviewing the new bubble cannon than the kids were.  When we opened the box, there was the familiar green and purple colors of the machine as well as the bubble bottle.  It comes with instructions, but by the time I had grabbed them, the kids had set the cannon up.  This is the coolest bubble device ever!!  You put the solution in the and snap on one of the two wands and lift the wand and pull the never.  You can make big bubbles or lots of tiny bubbles.  Did I say lots of bubbles?  I meant to say Gazillions of bubbles!!  I always know when a toy is a hit if my Henry likes it.  Children with autism can be pretty stoic and reserved and they may be happy but they don’t always show it.  Well, look at the picture at the top of the post and tell me if you think he liked it!!

One winner will receive a Bubble Cannon from Gazillion Bubbles, retailing at $24.99

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