Budget Bedroom Ideas

When we moved into our house, the kids were 8 and 11. We were so excited the kids would have their own bedrooms for the first time. To celebrate, we allowed the kids to “help” us decorate their bedrooms. Henry chose a dinosaur theme with lots of wall stickers, paintings and knick knacks. For Caitlin, she chose a brightly colored eclectic mix of flowers, swirls and hand made pictures and paintings. When Caitlin turned 16, she wanted a more mature look to her room, so we began to redecorate. Because we are on a tight budget, we wanted to give Caitlin what she wanted without spending a lot of money. Here are some great tips we followed:

5 Budget Friendly Ways To Update Your Teen's Bedroom pin

5 Budget Friendly Ways To Update Your Teen’s Bedroom

  1. Add Pizzazz To Your Walls: Instead of painting the whole room, consider wallpaper for just one wall. This adds texture, color and a great focal point for the room.
  2. Add Personality Above The Bed: No, I am not talking about mirrors on the ceiling! I am talking about adding a large piece of art or wall decal on the wall above the bed.
  3. Add Splashes of Color: We have a white bedspread, so to add some color, we added a variety of colorful pillows. We chose cool textures like knits or rosettes and a few brightly colored patterns.
  4. Do Not Forget The Ceiling And Trim: When we paint, we often forget the trim and the ceiling. To save money, instead of painting the walls, paint the trim and ceiling a complimentary color. It adds a whole new depth to the room!
  5. Add Subtle Changes: You do not need to make huge statement that scream “Hey! I redid my room!” Instead, you can choose a more subtle approach that adds charm and something completely different. This can be done by adding an interesting clock, a decoupaged accessory, a silhouette print or changing the hardware on your furniture.


For Caitlin, the hardware on her furniture was so outdated, it was not even funny! She had knobs with cartoon animals on them! This was not going to work for a 16 year old young woman, that is for sure! I wanted to replace them but in trying to stick with my budget bedroom ideas, I was struggling! I could not find any knobs that I liked and were within my budget. That is until I found a little jewel of a store, the Etsy shop, Lil and Jil Designs. I absolutely fell in love with the whimsical products, especially the wooden knobs and the decoupaged piggy banks. With their high quality knobs at just $6 per knob and their piggy banks at $55, you can easily decorate a room and stay within your budget.

The boutique decor from Lil and Jil ranges from those for a nursery to your bedroom, family room, kitchen, dorm or office. They have a huge selection of very colorful an unique knobs, which we chose the Vintage Watch design. Because Caitlin has mostly grey, black and white in her room, these were perfect for her. We also chose the Old World Map Piggy bank. Caitlin had been asking for a piggy bank for quite some time but they were all too immature for her. This wonderful antique looking bank is just perfect for her bedroom. Each item from Lil and Jil are hand painted and then finished with 3 coats of a high quality, clear acrylic non-toxic, glossy top coat to ensure a durable, long lasting finish! If you do not see what you like, just contact the shop and they will customize a hand painted item to match your room at no additional charge. We are absolutely in love with our products from Lil and Jil as I am sure you would be as well! One USA reader will win a custom Piggy Bank from Lil and Jil ARV $55.

How do you decorate while on a budget?